My Killer , John Smith

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He said his name was John Smith , we all knew he was lying but why? What was he trying to hide ? With a face like his , there was no way in hell he could be named with such a common name. Eve Hayes was just another girl who went to college and admired the popular boys from afar. Like every girl at their college , they would drool over the popular cliche of boys. Especially John Smith who was every girl's favorite. John Smith liked to frown , to tease , to mess with your mind. He had lots of secrets that could get you killed. He was like a puzzle , yet to be solved. When Eve sees something she's not suppose to see John had no other choice but to do something about it. But when he looks at her , he finds himself loving her beauty and obsesses over her. And he will do anything to make sure she doesn't tell anyone about his little secret .

Thriller / Romance
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The sea. A place where you can hear the sea flow and the birds crow. The smell that would make your toes curl in the sand. A peaceful place to let all your worries down. Eve loved the Sea. She loved everything about it and she loved to visit it. She imagined herself living near the sea so she could always come back to it whenever she was free.

But with a drunk mother and a crazy stepfather with three other kids , her life could never be free. She could never be free.

“Eve! You home!?” Her mothers voice yelled from upstairs. Her mother walked to the edge of the stairs and looked at her daughter. Her mother was always beautiful. With hair of pure black and blue and a face that told you, “I’m pure and I’m so innocent” , she was perfect in Eve’s eyes. She stood at five ten and had the most amazing body for a thirty year old woman.

Maybe that’s why men end up in her house every so often.

“Y-Yes I’m home.” Eve said casually as she looked around for her siblings , hoping they weren’t in harm or anything. “Where’s Alex?” She asked as she finally closed the door and placed her shoes by the steps.

“Alex? Who’s that sweetheart?” Her mother asked as she came down and gave her daughter a hug.

The smell of alcohol makes Eve shift her head away. “He’s your son.. remember?” She asked as she pulled away from her mother and looked at her bruised shoulder. The sight making her want to scream at her stepfather.

“Oh A-Alex? Ah right um.. he’s sleeping in my bed!” Her mother said making Eve tense. She looked at her mother before biting her lips , a habit of her’s , and she walked to her mothers room.

When she got there she saw her little brother sleeping and she smiled. He was four years old with a smile that brightened the room. A heart that could whelm your soul. He had the same black hair as his mother and the same green eyes as her.

Eve was different from the rest of her siblings. She had brownish , reddish hair with gray eyes. It all came from her father who is also a random guys she will likely never see again.

Eve picked up her little brother and calmly touched his forehead. His fever was going away so that was good. “Hey sis! You’re home? Look what me and Vic made!” Her younger sibling , Charlotte exclaimed.

“Shh , let’s not wake up Alex.” Eve said with a smile as she walked to the direction of her sister.

Charlotte was a freshmen in high school who had the face structures of her mother. They were like twins really. Victoria was the second oldest . She’s in her senior year of high school and she had the features of her father who is also unknown. Yeah , they all had different fathers but they were always gonna be siblings.

When Eve got to the room she saw Victoria’s short hair staring at the screen with so much excitement. “Shouldn’t you guys be sleeping?” Eve asked with a raised brow as she placed Alex in his little race car bed. She kissed his cheeks before looking to the girls.

“I’m an adult, you don’t tell me what to do.” Victoria said with a scowl as she laid her head on the pillow. Eve rolled her eyes as she kissed her cheek which Victoria rubs it away.

“You say you’re an adult but you act like a child. Anyways , how was your day? Did anything happen while I was away?” Eve said as she sat on their bed and scrolled on her phone.

“Eric.. I saw him slap mom but I didn’t say anything. I was too scared.” Charlotte said with a frown as she curled herself in a ball.

Victoria looked away as if she was ashamed while Eve just bawled her fist. “It’s best not to say anything. Anyways let get to bed. You guys still have school right?” Eve said as she was trying to brighten the room but it was too quiet. Filled with nothing but regret and sadness.

“Yeah you’re right.”


When Eve woke up again she smiled at herself in the mirror of her phone. She was freshman in college. She studied in arts. Something she loved ever since she picked up a paintbrush.

Just like how she fell in love with the sea , she fell in love with the paint.

Being twenty with siblings and a drunk mother with an abusive stepfather , she knew for the rest of her life she would have to stay and protect her family. Her siblings and her mother. But the problem was , she didn’t know how.

“Fuck! No more damn cigarette’s Don! What am I’m going to do now!” Her stepfather yelled from the kitchen. Everyone in the living room became alert but like always , they looked away.

“Baby I’m sorry! I’ll get some now.” Her mother said with panic as she walked upstairs but he wouldn’t let her. He grabbed her wrist and tightened it.

“Should already have em!” He yelled.

Eve took a deep breath before she got up and walked to them. “Here I found some. I’m sorry.” Eve said as she took some out of her bag. She didn’t like the smoke but her friends did.

“Well now , aren’t you just a cutie. Thank you.” Her stepfather said as he gave a chin a nudge and walked away. The touch leaving a tingly feeling of disgust but she pushed it away.

“Where did you get those cigarettes? Got anymore?” Her mother asked with a smiled as she hugged her once again. It was a habit of hers.

“Um.. yeah. Here.” Eve said as she passed them to her and then she looked to her siblings. “We should get to school , I’m taking Alex today.” She said as she departed from her mother.

“Have a good day my sweets!” Her mother said as she gave them all hugs.

All they could do was hug their mother back. They didn’t like to see her angry. She’s happy when she was clam , but when she got angry she would tend to hit on Alex or Charlotte but Eve was there to always stop her.

So they departed and started their walk to school. Alex was normally a troubled kid so he would often come with Eve to school. It was often though. “Call me where you get there guys and please Victoria , watch over Charlotte.” Eve said as she waved them off.

“Yeah sure!” Victoria said with a scowl but smiled and they walked into the building. Eve shook her head with a smile and looked to Alex.

“We should go .” Eve said.

“Okay.” Alex said as he grabbed her hand and they began walking.

As they were walking , Eve couldn’t help but to glance at the sea. The beautiful view made her smile and slightly blush whenever she saw the men on their jogs. It was normal really. Everyday she would see them jog and it made her want to get out there and probably kiss them. Unbelievable maybe , impossible? Never.


When they got to the college Eve saw her friend waiting for her like usual. One of her close friends was a gay guy that was cheerful. His name was Zach , his pale white skin and his freckled face made him look innocent but he was far from that.

Her other friend was named Taylor. She has beautiful melanin skin that matched her light brown eyes. She always had the sassy attitude but she was someone Eve could always connect with.

“Hey guys.” Eve said as she approached them. They both turned around with smiles.

“Hey girl ! Oh you brought Alex today , what’s up kid?” Taylor said as she crouched down to his level and touched his curly brown hair. Alex blushed as he nodded his head to her then casually looked away. Taylor only smiled as she looked back to Eve. “Well you wouldn’t believe what happened today.”

“Oh? What happened today?” Eve asked as they started walking in. Everyday it was always a new story , a new drama with Taylor.

“John looked at me! I mean , it wasn’t direct but he was definitely looking at me. I wanna jump his freaking bones!” Taylor said with excitement as she clings her books to her chest tightly.

Eve and Zach simply chuckled. “I hear he’s gay. Maybe he would let me bottom him.” Zach smirked as he licked his lips. Eve simply shook her head as she simply smiled to her brother who looked confused.

“Gay? Please , John fucking Smith. Gay? Nah , I don’t believe it , right Eve?” She asked as they made it to their class. They all majored in arts. This was the place they met during the beginning of freshmen year and ever since - they’ve been close.

“Yeah I agree.”

John Smith. What was there to say about him? First was that everyone knew , that was not his name but no one dared to question it since he was too intimating. With dark black eyes and black frenzy hair , he always looked too scary truthfully.

But apparently girls loved that. That look. That look to be completely dominated or to be submersed.

He was tall , stood around six foot. He never associated with girls , probably why some think he’s gay. He had a lot of guy friends so that was that. Could he be gay? Eve thought as she sat down in the back and handed her brother her phone.

But , what made things more interesting was that he took the same class as her but of course they never talked. He always the boy who kept to himself but could draw like there was no one else in the room. He was truly amazing.

“Ah there he is , damn . I could call him daddy I’m serous.” Taylor said as she watched John come inside the room.

Eve shifted her eyes to him . Today he was wearing a black turtleneck with a vest over it. Khaki brown pants and dress shoes. He had glasses that stoped at their bridge of his noes. He didn’t need them , he just liked the way he looked with them.

But of course , it was no mysterious. He was too damn hot.

“Hey just focus on your work.” Eve said with a laugh as she rolled her eyes. Taylor doing a slight pout and Zach only rolling his eyes.


When the class was done , Eve was near the back of the college with her friends since they needed a smoke. “Ugh , I don’t know what’s with you people and your smoking. Me and Alex are gonna go to class.” Eve said with disgust as she looked at Taylor.

“Sorry girl , urges call!” Zach whines along with Taylor.

Eve simply laughed and grabbed her brothers hand and started walking to the back. Another way to her next class but most didn’t know about this place since it was really abandoned.

As they were walking Alex couldn’t help but hear a noise. “Eve , I hear something weird.” Alex said as he tugged on his sisters hand.

“Is that so? Maybe it’s a animal.” Eve said but then heard it again making her curious. She felt a hand slip out of hers and she looked to Alex running to the noise. “Alex don’t go over there!” Eve scolded.

But he didn’t listen ; as he turned the corner his heart began to accelerate with fear. To see such a thing at that age , it would haunt him for life. “Ah!” He screamed as he fell to the ground.

Eve came and helped him up , glancing to the side and screaming herself. What she saw was John Smith with a knife and what looked like an animals body on the ground. Blood. So much of it made Eve hurl and pull Alex away.

“The fuck?” John said as he glanced to the two. He clicked his teeth as he stood up and walked to them but Eve only scotted away , pulling Alex behind her. “This is unfortunate. Fucking bitch , you don’t know how to mind your damn business do ya?”

Eve looked at him before looking at his hand. “S-stay away. Don’t come any closer to us , freak!”

John frowned as he came to her and grabbed her chin roughly. “Just stay still so I c-"

He stopped mid sentence as he saw a tear fall from her eyes. She looked beautiful when she was crying. Like one of those angels you obsess over. “No need to cry.” John said as he looked at the animal. “I didn’t harm it , I found it like that and I pulled the knife out. Believe me okay?” He said with a smile as he stood back up.

Eve blinked a couple of times before nodding her head. “But tell anyone and I might have to do something to you. Have a good day!” He said before departing away. Eve watched his back with so much emotions before picking up Alex and running to the front.

She hoped she would never cross path’s with him again.

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