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Weirwolfs or Jersey Devil

Thriller / Mystery
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New Jersey Devil Or Sasquatch

New Jersey Devil. Or Sasquatch we were ready to drive to New Jersey New England Stateto check on the stories sightings. Saman Rebecca and I headed to New Jesery to check up on the stories and sightings found our cabin we rented not to far from the mountains and cranberries fields. It was about 11:00A.M. we unloaded what we needed in the car to the cabin . We look around the area,Thursday morning we did have a lake not to far from cabin and the cranberry fields. We ate lunch than got ready to research connected with Sasquatch groups to get information ahead of time. On sightings and location of creature last seen.so we headed into dense woods we belive we might find the creature The Jersey Devil. But Rebecca found the tracks of a creature with three toes so she casted them with plaster of Paris. Waited for them to dry. Went on up the path Samantha saw some hair hanging from a branch up high. Collected them and bag them carfully it was September. Head back to cabin for supper after picking up the casting wrap them them up in a bath towl it was a 18" inch track Samantha took photos of the before casting . Finish for the day till evening comes we got back took It was about 5:00P.M.I woke up we ate supper it was nearly dark we took flashlights I taken my 44 revoler for protection only for my wife daughter and we were safe from predators. Walk down the path and spotted hair high up on a branch hanging down dark brown a bit of white mix in it. Rebecca bag the hair samples. Than we heard noises in the woods. Tree branches breaking than we could smell rotten and dead we knew it wasn't the New Jersey devil or the month man . It was a sasquatch maybe changing into different creatures. It show up in front of us I had a infrared camera. I started taking photos at the creature but still had the gun ready it try to attack me I open fire drop it to the ground it turn into the Jersey devil or the weirwolf Samantha took more photos of the creature while it was changing to different creatures or monsters of the night. It lay there and started spreading it wings we headed back to cabin after taking blood samples and hair knock out a tooth bag in into separate bags stuck in pocket headed to cabin.it was almost midnight with full moon screaming howl came from the woods. We thought we were safe inside cabin behind lock doors the Jersey devil enter the cabin down the chimmey I heard it inside the cabin. I look out the bedroom door it was looking for food I sneak out of bedroom to get the gun it wasn't watching me it got what it wanted than went back up the chimmey I decided to start a fire in fireplace to make sure he wouldn't come back.but it did as a Sasquatch Lock wife and daughter in bedroom it show up in camping area I could smell It It brok down door and walk into cabin as the Jersey devil I hid in closet monster went to kitchen looking for more food from close rangeI shot it 6 times in the head and chest It fall to the floor dead this time called lawenforcement they came to cabi and haul the creature away in back of truck with lock topper . They put it in a museum belive to be a bad ideal it could come back to life.should have taken to a science laboratory for testing. News newspapers Jersey devil has been killed they lock up in volt for security next Monday they open up and it was gone like it vanish there was no way for it to ecape, but it did belive it went through a portal or another dimension.

The End

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith

July 8, 2020

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