Kids in graveyard

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Three little girls, lily, sam and Julie on Halloween, go out trick or treating, then Sam and the other girls decided to go to the grave yard to eat candy and chat- just like every Halloween! But something happens this night... something, evil...scary and weird happens... but what could it be...?

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Chapter 1

It’s Halloween and threee young girls, Sam, Lily and Julie are excitilted to get to eat as much candy as they want- and stay past they’re bed time... let’s see what adventures they get into this year!

“It’s Halloween!” Said Sam. “I know this is going to be the best Halloween ever- because today both of us are going as...” said Julie “Zombies!” Said Sam- “witches!” Said Julie. “Hat- I thought we were going as zombies/ witches?”msaid both of the girls. “Hmm.. well I guesss this year we aren’t gonna wear the same costumes like every other year.”

Last year... (2019]

Ghost ( white blanket with to eye holes...)

The year before last year... (2018)

Frankenstein ( face paint for Frankenstein look and marker for fake stitches

And ripped out clothes)

The year before that year... (2017)

Cupcake (mom’s idea) (cupcake suit and blush to look cuter)

“Hmm.. well I guess today will be special- or not... who knows?” Said Sam (the zombie). “I do!” Said Julie. “Y-you do?!” Said Sam,in an alarmed voice. “Duh! Witches can predict the future!!!” Said Julie, confidently. “ they can!?- I mean n-no! ... uh- do they?” Said Sam, not knowing what to say. “Uh huh! They have magic- and magic can be used to do ANYTHING, that’s what my Auntie said.” Said Julie. “Hmm... well if your Auntie says so- it’s probably true.” Said Sam. “ h-hi...” said a very baby-like voice. “What was that?” Said Sam, looking around. “Oh! I forgot to introduce you to my baby sister- lily!” Said Julie, while pushing lily forward. “Oh! That’s a really cool costume-lily!” Said Sam.

“Twnak woo (thank you)” said lily. “How old is she Julie?” Asked Sam, “oh! She’s almost four! So- currently she’s three.” Replied Julie. “ yep- Imma b-big guwl (girl)” said lily. “Aww!” Said the girls. “Hey!” Said an older- seemingly rude voice. “HEY! I was talking to you! Dweebs!!!” Said the older, rude voice. ( it’s not seemingly rude anymore- it’s flat out RUDE...) “ are you babies gonna get outta our way- or you gonna stand there like a bunch of cactuses in the dessert?!” Said the older, rude voice. “ yeah get’ em- Jennifer!” Said another voice *masculine*

*the girls turn around*

*GASP* “I-it’s Jennifer ( the true witch) and her gang (minions)”

- Jennifer (leader)

- Greg ( minion 1) (dumbest)

- Karen (best friend of Jennifer “ assistant of Jennifer” ) (minion 2)

- Sphene ( boyfriend of the Jennifer) (strong, good looking, mean and smart)

- Carlos ( minion 3) (strongest)

You know by this description of Jenny’s gang- might as well go south for the winter!

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