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Do you know what the worst feeling is?

When you are in pain but you can't let your feelings out

Yes I am mentally and physically unhealthy

Most of the time the doctors don't even know what's wrong with me

The medicine they drug me with it only lasts for a few hours at most

And then strictly pain

Yes sometimes I wonder why i was born into this world

Just to suffer in silence

My expression forever unfazed

While I conceal my pain

I feel like people wouldn't understand me

So I keep everything to myself

Are my feelings hurt?Of course not

I laugh it off,and save the crying for later

It feels so good just to cry everything out but i cant let out my bottled internal screams

Yes I'll smile I'll laugh you can call me funny

But this is all to cover up a broken child

My broken smile

U don't even see my unhappiness

Isnt it funny?

How everyone thinks that its funny when you share your pain?

I take this world in bitter sweet

I may smile with you act tough with you give advice to you

But when alone the broken child needs to be seen

I'm internally screaming"SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME"

but my screams are never heard

Maybe some day I will end my own suffering but until then

I will continue to show my smile


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