The Sacrifice - Book One - "Stone"

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Bliss is a troubled girl without a soul in the world. She has been in love with a vampire that has been haunting her dreams, every night for years. Killing her in every one. He is her love and she is his sacrifice. Then one night, she finally meets him, and this time, it's not in her dreams.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1


I just stood staring at her. This beautiful creature that I was to kill. She wasn’t at all scared of me. She appeared curious. Reserved.

Jasper sent me for her. He told me where she would be and when. She is supposed to die quickly.

She is to be my sacrifice.

She is special for me somehow.

The how is what they did not say.

I have killed many men and women alike. Beautiful women who had cruelty in their hearts. Men who were murderers of innocence and needed to be vanquished. With each kill I gained more power.

...But as the story goes, it is never enough. You just end up wanting more and more and more.

I am a vampire and every time I taste someone I am disappointed.

Because once I begin to feed I know what is in their hearts. Rarely have I ever tasted anyone pure.

It is said that the pure heart tastes the best and yields ultimate power. That is why so many vampires search high and low for innocent victims. I have only feasted on three in my long lifetime. Three humans in a world filled with billions of humans.

You’d think there would be more.

Scouring the Earth for that pure heart is much harder than one might think. Even the youngest and most kind souls tend to have secret needs, or flaws, or evils hidden within them.

I have been watching this one, and Jasper may be the greatest preparer ever, because all she has been doing for the last hour, is stare. Desperate hearts also yield a great deal of power. So I know that even if she is not pure, she is feeling depressed.

“Do you not fear me sweet girl?” I asked her quetly.

She was lovely. Her hair was cut short in a jumble of corn-silk, spiral curls. Her eyes a pair of dark onyx stones. With eyes like mine I could see my reflection in them perfectly. Her alabaster skin only made her more beautiful in contrast to the abyss of darkness that were her eyes.

“You just don’t understand,” she answered and for a moment a sharp pain tainted my heart.

Her voice...her voice did something to me when she spoke. She was so beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

And why hadn’t I killed her yet?

I brushed off the tingle in my chest and said, “Don’t worry I will understand soon enough. Better to do this quickly.” I laughed. Little did she know, the moment I bit her I would know everything she had ever wanted in life. Every dream, every happiness...every hardship.

I know from experience, talking to your prey is always a bad idea, but this girl was so lovely I just had to toy with her.

Just a little.

She stared at me so longingly I was tempted to reach across the room and touch her. This dingy space seems almost bearable with her in it which is unnerving. I picked this abandoned warehouse to take her to so that we were sure not to be disturbed. When I picked it, I thought it disgusting, yet now...

"I have had dreams of this," she said softly. "Of you. I know what you are about to do to me. I go through it every night when I sleep." She took a deep breath and began to play with her hair. "It happens just like it’s happening now, except this time I’m awake."

Okay...So I wasn’t expecting her to say that. So what. It makes no difference. She's probably lying anyway.

I laughed, thinking that beyond my red eyes she should have no idea what I am. "So since you know so much, what am I about to do to you?"

She looked at me and stopped crying. She walked up to me and stared into my eyes. This girl must be crazy. She should be afraid of me, but there was not one ounce of fear in her eyes.

In fact I think she was forcing herself not to smile. Fresh tears pooled in her dark, magnificent obsidian mirrors.

"You’re going to bite me and you are going to drink my blood. Then you will be more powerful than any vampire around, but not for the reasons that you think. When you are done with me, you will fall to your knees in anguish because then you will know who I am." She said it so matter-of-factly that I was tempted to step back.

I laughed in her face instead. "I’ll give it to you," I scoffed. "You are probably a magnificent storyteller."

"I guess so, because it is your story I’m telling to you. Stone."

I gaped at her.

Okay...that was a little disturbing.

There was absolutely no reason why this girl should know my name.

"How do you know me?" I demanded. "How is it you know my name?"

Now she did smile, but she did so sadly as she gazed at the floor. "You tell me your name every night in my dreams," she spoke with pain in her voice. "You kill me and then you cradle me in your arms and you weep. You tell me to remember your name. That your name is Stone."

She blinked and I caught myself breathing her in. Okay now she is getting to me. Never mind that her standing so close to my body is producing what feels like static electricity.

I growled at her. "Why on earth would I do that? I do not weep for my prey!" I hissed in her face, yet making certain not to touch her. "That is ridiculous and you anger me with the thought."

It was then she did the unexpected. I felt her touch me. She grabbed my hand .

Was she some sort of witch? With her touch I felt something stir deep within me. In the center of my chest. A painful burning sensation. Electric in nature. The stabbing sensation was borderline pleasurable.

I jerked away from her. My hand buzzing where her gentle fingers had been.

She smiled sadly before she spoke. "My name is Bliss, Stone. I want you to know my name when I die. Because that is something I know my heart will not tell you when you drink of me."

I gasped. She is right about that, but only vampires should know it. How does she know so much?

Perhaps Jasper told her things to manipulate the kill? She began to cry and I clenched my eyes shut instinctively. A habit I have had for many years. It helps when those you are drinking from are not evil and you must.

Oh well I’ll just have to trust in Jasper because, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. He did give me strict instructions not to speak to her. That had to be it. I made a mistake by playing with my food.

"I tire of this game. It is time," I said.

"Okay," she said softly and I swear the look she gave me was filled with love.

I grabbed her and tried to ignore the buzzing I felt everywhere our skin touched. She went completely still. In fact, she wasn’t fighting me at all. I could somewhat understand that because this buzzing that I was feeling was quickly becoming intoxicating. Perhaps she was feeling the same thing.

I brought my lips to her neck and smelled lavender and sugar. I spent a small moment letting my nose nuzzle her hair. It was soft and shimmery.

I opened my mouth and pressed my fangs lightly on her skin testing her resolve, but still she did not fight. The longer I held her there, the longer I wanted to.

What the hell is going on? Bite her you fool! Her skin was magnificently soft.

She spoke to me. "It’s okay. I forgive you, Stone."

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