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Lily is a simple 20 year old woman, a successful medical student who faces massive changes in her life. Taken from her family then thrown into the unknown. This is my very first story, so please excuse my poor writing skills but with you I'll grow and learn. I had the idea of this story for the longest time so stick with me on this beautiful ride 💙.

Thriller / Action
Love _yourself
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Chapter 1: life is ok

Simple, calm and collected that's my life, a 20 year old medical student and a very obedient daughter over 3brothers (Yasser 30 years old married and has a beautiful babygirl, Anas 27 and gamal 24 years old). My relationship with my brothers was and will always be on the surface which I honestly wante the only one I can call close us gamal due to the small age gap between us. Our parents were strict always pushing us to our limit not gathering the damage these actions created but I like that they're my parents duh, so that's my routine boring life.

As for me I can't call myself the prettiest girl while also not call myself ugly, I'm average not too long and not too short, along some curves, a shoulder length black hair that's hidden by my veil over a tanned skin covered by a long dressing garment and dark brown eyes, I warned you there is nothing special about me which isn't trouble you don't have to be special you just have to be you, right? At least that's what my 15 years best friend shoved in my head, oh aliaa I'm going to kill you but I love her she's the exact opposite of me while also being the closest to me (does that make sense?). She's romantic, cute and very optimistic whereas here's me the most realist unromatic person don't get me wrong I love romantic books but that's it let's just keep it in books.

As an Arabic girl who lives in Saudi arabia, there is no such thing as a boyfriend or a crush which I'm totally fine with bc I can't even take care of myself. I love cooking but I hate cleanijg, I love dancing and singing well I'm very proud of my collection of music. It varies from BTS to pink and Dua lipa and so on. I might be looking like the most depressed person going to college but I be popping to idol by BTS or loca by shakira you never know, never judge a book by its cover.
Life always has a Rythum that's won't change or will it?!
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