Lost & found

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Chapter 2

Let me tell you nothing and I mean nothing in this world is killing me more than waking up in the early morning for college is just sucks, but what sucks more is having to go there by public transport.
That leads to me waking up grumpy as hell at 6am to get ready to college I do my normal everyday routine, i shower, brush my teeth, grab my clothes today I decided to wear a rose pink outfit and a black veil simple af then proceed to find my stupid shose. I don't wear makeup coz I don't really like to have another layer over my face and it's too goddamn hot for that.
"Lily did you finish honey breakfast is ready and I have to go to the school" My mom called out. "I'm ready mom five more minutes" I grabbed my purse and shoved the books I need for the day.
Mom:"Sweetie, good morning Aliaa just came she's waiting for you. Have a sandwich I don't want you to be late"
"Thx mom love you, I'll get going before she starts screaming and waking up the whole house. Dad is sleeping right? "
Mom: " Yes, yesterday was exhausting"
My dad had a huge argument with Anas because he wants to drop out of his job without explaining and if you ask me he has a right to do what ever he wishes to do it's his life but obviously I won't say that to my dad or his blood pressure will sky rocket. Jeez the man can't handle for someone to disagree with him.
"Lily if you don't come rn I swear I'll go on my own and you know what will happen huh"screamed my dear friend who btw looked gorgeous
" Ok, ok God how can someone be this energetic in the morning and what could possibly happen to you? "
"If you won't go I won't go too that's just friendship rules"
"We have rules? "
"Of course dummy, rules like never to put ya gurl down and never to stab her back and always to agree"
"Even if I'm saying nonsense? "
"Duh, that's what friends for. "
"What ever settles your feathers Al just let's go or that professor will give us a long ass speech. "
We went together to college meeting our friends and doing the usual which is boring as hell but you gotta do what you gotta do to get that degree and get going with it. The day was fine until I met Majid the most annoying human being on earth. You know those wattpad characters that act baddass but would run as soon as shit gets real that's Majid also to my bad luck he's my cousin so I have to suck it and deal with him.
"Hey Al, hey lily" Majid said while walking towards us.
"I'm seriously going to flip can't he just leave us along" I mumbled under my breath.
"Come on lily, he's actually not that bad" Aliaa said. I gave her my best *are you serious rn* look.
"Ok, ok he's bad I'll give you that"
"Hi Majid what's up? "
"Well, by seeing you girls my day just got a lot more better"
Ugh the cring man
"Well we're leaving so you need to find someone else to get it better" I said
"Leaving already, did you finish? "
"Have we ever skipped a course or a lecture? "
"Then why are you asking wasting both our and your precious time Majid? "
"I'm just checking on you I'm supposed to when your dad told me to watch over you" He smirked
The bitch has the nerve to use that against me, fuck you dad for actually thinking this person can protect me from other whereas I need to protect myself from him.
"Ok thank you for protecting me, can we leave now Superman? "
"I'll drive you home" Oh hell no
"Sure but we don't want to bother you, besides we're having a girls nights out so you can actually come with us" In your face bitch.
"Haha, very funny lily. Ok I'll get going the guys are calling me have fun"
"We will" Finally some peace.
"Lily, I know he's an idiot sometimes but you need to tone it down abit" Aliaa said
"He better be happy I didn't rip his head off of his body"
"Ok enough of him l, where are we going? "
"The usual we're going to pizza Hut"
"Best idea eveeeer" She squealed
We had the best pizza and chatted for hours not noticing the hour was getting late.
"Shit my phone is dead" I said
"It ok we're going home now"
We paid for our food and drinks and got going
"My dad is going to kill me, I hope we're not too late because we have my grandma coming and I have to see her."
"Ohh, your granny is kind of scary though"
"Tell me about it, she creeps the hell out of me but what's to do"
"Does she still owns that creepy doll? "
"Duh,that's why I never step foot inside her house"
"Did you hear that? " Aliaa said
"What? "
We held our breath and I looked at Aliaa, we Walked into a dark ally while talking and we didn't notice. And when you hear noise in a dark ally that's never a good sign, the noise happened again.
"We need to get out of here Al" I was truly scared now.
"Well, well, well what do we have here"
Oh shit

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