Murder Mystery

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At the end of senior year, an unknown murderer begins their path of destruction, leaving bodies in their path. Five friends search for answers, they have to trust people they don't know, people who might be the killer. As they get closer to the truth, the killer strikes closer to them, and they must hurry to find out who it is before the killer comes for them.

Thriller / Mystery
Royal Council
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Chapter One

It's senior year, bitches!"

Elodie turned around to see Astrid flying down the hallway, arms spread out in joy.

"It's been senior year for this entire year," Elodie reminded her.

Astrid stopped, leaning against a locker to catch her breath. "Don't... You dare... Rain... On my parade," she gasped, then straightened. "I know it's been senior year. But today's the last day! The last day!" Her voice turned to a shriek, and a teacher poked her head out of her classroom, scowling.

"Please refrain from yelling in the hallways!" She scolded, before disappearing back into her room.

Astrid sneered and ignored her, turning to face Elizabeth, who was leaning against her locker, reading a book.

Astrid tapped her on the shoulder, and she looked up.

"Oh. You're finally here," she said.

Astrid frowned. "You didn't-how did you not-"

"She wouldn't notice anything that wasn't handsome Legolas."

Angelina stood smirking behind Astrid, looking pointedly at Elizabeth's book.

Elizabeth flushed and closed her book with a sharp snap, shoving it into her bag. "Well, he's better looking than most boys here,"she pointed out meekly.

Angelina laughed. "Relax. I was joking."

Elodie smiled, enjoying one of their final memories as High Schoolers.

"Hey, you guys. I'm having a party for the Senior class on Saturday," she informed them. "You have to come. I won't accept no for an answer."

Elizabeth looked pained. "But... But I was going to read all the Percy Jackson books on Saturday. As a celebration for the last day of school. I-"

Angelina forced a laugh, slinging her arm over Elizabeth's shoulders.

"She'll come. And so will I. As long as there's food," she said loudly.

Astrid shrugged. "I'll go. I've got nothing to do. Sports are over, anyway."

"Thanks, guys," Elodie gushed, spreading her arms. "Bring it in."

They group hugged, somewhat uncomfortably.

Elodie stepped back. "Okay. It starts at Seven. That's when my parents are leaving, and they don't like kids."

Elizabeth's lips twisted, but she said nothing. Her face was one of resignation.

The bell rang, and they looked at each other, anticipating their last moment of High School.

On Saturday, Elodie set out Brownies, cupcakes, and chips for the party. She knew if people came, they would want booze, but they could bring their own.
As soon as her parents pulled out of the driveway, Angelina, Astrid, Elizabeth, and Luna burst in the door.
Angelina went straight for the snacks; Elizabeth straight to a corner; Astrid straight to the water; and Luna straight to Elodie.
"Where were you on Thursday?" Elodie demanded, squeezing her in a hug.
Luna smiled softly. "I had to help my grandma with her mail. She's not very good at it." Her round face was well contoured with makeup, but not too harshly. As always, she had on an impeccable outfit, one that most likely cost less than fifty dollars.
"Well, you're here now. And damn! You're outfit looks great! I'll never understand how someone can have such great taste."
Luna shrugged humbly. "Oh, I just threw it together. Oh! Food."
She made her way over to the food table, grabbing a chocolate cupcake just as there were many loud noises outside. Elodie spun around in excitement.
"They're here!"
The doorway was flooded with people, and Luna started the music. The room was soon full of dancing bodies and the loudness of rap music.
Elodie checked the refreshments table and saw multiple pitchers of punch. She knew they were full of alcohol, but she didn't want to throw them out. It was, after all, a celebration. She took a cup for herself just as the door opened again and a tan, black clad figure stalked into the room, pushed by another figure in jeans and flannel.
"I don't want to be here!" The black clad figure complained, not bothering to lower her voice,. No one noticed her except Elodie, who was very offended.
"Too bad. It's the celebration of getting out of that hell hole!" The girl in flannel said playfully. "Now at least go eat something."
"No!". The black clad figure looked apprehensive, but she quickly covered it with a look of annoyance. "You can't ma-"
"Excuse me," Elodie interrupted, unable to stand it. "I organized this party, and I couldn't help but hearing-"
"That I don't want to be here? Great. Now you know," said the girl in black, looking around in disinterest.
"Well, it's rude of you to say something like that when I-"
"God, you're self- centered, aren't you?" The girl snapped, scowling. "You weren't meant to hear that, not that I care that you did. If you weren't creeping around trying to make everyone at the party happy, you wouldn't be upset right now."
Elodie stepped back quickly, as though she had been struck. "I don't... I-" she spluttered, unable to speak clearly.
"I'm sorry," the girl in the flannel said. "We don't- we aren't usually- well she isn't always this rude. She just doesn't like being harped on, which-"
"I don't need you telling her everything about me," the girl in black snapped. "I'll stay, but only because you're my ride."
With that, she stormed away, shoving earbuds in her ears and glaring at the speakers surrounding the room.
The girl in flannel smiled apologetically at Elodie. "Listen, I'm sorry about that. I mean, you shouldn't have interrupted... Or been listening in the first place... But, really, she isn't this rude, usually. But if you annoy her, well, she can be brutally honest. So technically, she's not rude, but..." She trailed off, seeing Elodie's stricken face. "Well, I'll stop talking now. My name's Lexi, by the way. Or Lex, if you feel like it. You know, Lex Lu- nevermind. Bye."
She hurried away, searching for her friend and leaving Elodie staring after her.
Luna walked up behind Elodie, tapping her on the shoulder. Elodie's curls flew behind her as she turned quickly.
"What?" She snapped.
Luna blinked in confusion, and Elodie took a deep breath.
"I'm sorry. It's not... Yes?"
Luna hugged her, understanding to not push her. "I just wondered if you knew there was someone throwing up in your garden. I'm sorry, but I guess someone had too much booze, or maybe they just have a weak stomach, or-"
Elodie, eyes wide, swept past her quickly and into the kitchen, yanking the door open and running into the garden.
She saw a girl on her knees, getting weakly to her feet and wiping her mouth. She stumbled toward Elodie, giggling.
"I can't ... I don't know... Where I am," the girl giggled, resting her head on Elodie's shoulder. Elodie grimaced as the girl's orange hair fell into her face, probably sticking on the throw up. Looking at the garden, she saw chunky vomit had been spewed all over her fathers flowers.
Rubbing her forehead, Elodie sighed. Her father didn't care about the flowers, but the gardener would be furious.
She was just thinking about what she would say to him when a high pitched shriek pierced the night air.
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