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This story is about equality and she is a black bisexual poor Muslim woman it turns out she is a wolf and gets three wishes she wishes something out of anger and has to got hell for weak

Thriller / Action
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Chapter one: bullys

Hi my name alyisha and I get bully I’m a junior the second year of high school this is my journey “WAKE UP ALYISHA” my mom yelled “get ready for school” *sighs* “OKAY MOM IM COMING”

-when I arrived at school- “Well we’ll if it isn’t the infamous alyisha” Grace said aka one of my bully’s “what do you want I’m not in the mood to deal with you” “did we ask” Brandon said ugh he was the stupidest one “I mean kinda when you started talking to me you kinda did” I said confidently ugh here goes beth “are you talking back to us” I rolled my eyes and said “what are you my mom” “eww” she said and I said “ok boomer” and just walked away I don’t have time for this I’m gonna be late to art art was my favorite class it was the only class that can explain me I guess speaking of wich I need to go to art “okay today we will draw a landscape” mrs.Mars said I love art it’s my second home meaning my dad hasn’t came back home in month but I should think of something else cause my hands start shaking when I think about my dad

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