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The keeper of The Evil Book and two apparently ordinary twins ,which fate brings them together by chance.Or maybe not. Lawrence must carry on a curse not easy at all ,for which he would do everything to escape,even at a price to high for him. Aiden would do all he can to get rid of his brother,but for him the consequences have never been a problem . Both of them know that to succeed ,someone will be sacrificed .But who ?

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

" No grandpa, don't leave me, please. I'm not ready for this. "

The old man's eyes seemed lost. His lips took on an odd shape in the attempt so say his last words.
"You're never ready for that, Lawrence! But you must do what we have failed so long. I believe in you more than anyone.. goodbye, my dear boy.."
His hands became lifeless in Lawrence's strong grip. Nothing was compared to the death of a loved person, and he knew it that much to well.
"My grandpa died, he died in my arms.. He's all I had. I don't know what I'm going to do."
The crowd from the next room was waching Lawrence's every gesture.
"You're not alone, you have us.. you know this very well."
"You.. all you want is to save you.. you didn't lift a finger when grandpa needed you. He was beaten his life so many times to end that wretched curse."
A very tall man, who was sitting on the couch, suddenly jumped up, making Lawrence almost invisible.
"Listen, either that you like it or not,the blood of the keepers flows through your veins.. It's your destiny.. accept that once and for all."
"I see that whatever happens, we will be always the guilty ones.. and I accepted my destiny from the moment my parents and my sister died.. so I'm ready for whatever's coming."
The group placed Lawrence in a strange position, with his eyes closed and his hands strecthed.
"Don't move.. will only sting a bit."
One of the women, made Lawrence a deep cut, from which the blood was flowing directly on the book placed before him.
"Say the incantation in your mind, until the blood stops runnig.. everything must go perfectly."
The sweat ran extremly fast on Lawrence's face, making him look even more nervous than he really was.
"It's ready Lawrence, you can get up, the ritual is over.. from this moment you're the new keeper of the Evil Book.. Our lives depend on you.. Save us from the claws of the one who has been torturing our families for centuries."

"Aiden, Christopher! The food's ready!"
The dinners in the Griffin family have never been easy. Aiden's aggressive temper has always made the atmosphere not quite pleasant.
"We're coming mom!"
Christopher voice sounded really loud, while he was still trying to get a pair of trousers.
"You're such an idiot, brother.. I can't stand you.."
The echo of Aiden's scream, made Christopher to turn his head. For a few second, their eyes get crossed. Their blue color made them look like a lighting bolt, ready to destroy everything in their way.
The table looked impeccable as always, and that's because Samantha tried to satisfy as she could everyone's tastes.
"So.. How was at school today? Something new?"
"I got a ten on last week's test. It was fine."
"Nerd.. as usual."
Aiden's sarcastic smile covered his entire face. It was one of his moments of glory, who managed to destroy the well-being of all. It was something common for Aiden, but they would never get used to it.
"Don't talk to your brother like that.. especially in front of Ava. I've had enough with your awful behaviour."
"You're so senzitive.. Haha.. You make me laugh.. Do you really think I care about any of you? Never."
Aiden left the table without saying anything, causing a strange feeling of pain and humilation. Samantha watched her son slowly going up the stairs, but her heart was full of guilt and dissapointment.
"Your father was right. You will never change."

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