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chapter 2

The bus was late almost all the time on St.Patrick street. Even the driver tried as much as possible to delay the moment of meeting with Aiden, who was causing him a lot of problems.

Aiden and Christopher were standing still in the station, several meters away from each other. It was Christopher way of avoiding any altercation on his brother’s side.

The wind was beating slowly, pulling Christopher’s hair back. He had beautiful features, those blue eyes that made him really attractive. Aiden looked good too, but his eyes were hiding other intentions.

The bus stopped slowly in front of them, making a seat inside, through the narrow doors. Aiden passed quickly besides driver, not laughing at him as he usually did.

“Good morning, Mr.Harry! ”

“Good morning, Christopher! Surprising, your brother is very quiet today.”

Christopher sat down without answearing; he knew that silence did not provide nothing good. Aiden was standing behind the bus, without showing sings of wanting to get away with someone. He was to much distracted by the package, that Gus, his best friend just given him.

“What is this, Gus?”

“Lawrence gave it to me for you. As a present to welcome to the Dark Gang.”

“Very interesting.. Did you get one when you entered?”

“No, not really.. But maybe he wanted you to fell good.”

“It feels like it’s a book inside.. I’m very curious..”

The package on Aiden’s knee was wrapped in a black material that seemed pretty harsh on touching.

“I’m glad that you meet me with them, they seem my kind of persons, especially Lawrence.. I feel we have something in common.”

Christopher listened secretly at their conversation. For a while, Aiden had been stealing from the house at midnight and was only coming back at down. His brother was obviously up to something, and that gave him only stings on his back.

The history classes of teacher Aaron were really boring, even for Christopher. Their eyes seemed to be watching him, but their thougts were far away.

Behind the class, Aiden was staring at the package he had received. His curiosity and impatience were all carried. Aaron teacher was slowly approching Aiden, without him or anyone else noticed.

“You’re really concerned about that .”

His strong voice suddenly awoke the whole class to life, making them turn their heads.

“I propose to show us what’s inside.. I think that every body is very curious!”

“No way.. It’s not your job!”

In a split seconds, the teacher lifted the packet from Aiden’s knees. His hands carefully reveal an extremly bizarre book, colored in black and gray.

Suddenly the teacher’s face grew pale. A sense of fear and terror descended over his mind and body. The book slid slowly through his fingers falling noisly on the floor.

Screams of anxiety had covered the whole class. Aiden took the book from below desperatly ,running through the crowd. Christopher was watching it desperately even thought the teacher shown sings of comeback.

After minutes of running, Aiden felt his powers fleeing. He held the book tightly to his chest, trying to find a safe place to store it. He stopped on one of the nearby park benches, sorrounded by tall trees. Aiden was looking at the book with osession, talking to it like a living being.

“You.. you did it to the teacher. I don’t have the slighest idea what you are.. but i start enjoying it.”

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