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"You ugly shithead, you disgust me". Was all I could say to myself as my new found friends walked away from me. Welcome to a constant war between a 16 year old girl and her raging mind. A society that doesn't give a shit and a body that wouldn't fit the social standards no matter how hard she tries.

Thriller / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter one.

"Ring, ring, ring!". l know some of you might actually think that was an alarm clock, very sorry to burst your bubbles but that was just me. My name is vanessa, a chubby, short haired, weirdly dressed and acne covered 16 year old.

A girl who would do anything to feel loved and beautiful, a girl who has been hurt multiple times by the opposite sex. Mocked and violated every time she walks down the hall, a girl who always feels the pangs of jealousy when a slim girl passes by.

It got so bad the only words she remembers are "freak, creep, you make me want to puke " as tears make a stream on both sides of her face. Well it's all too late now.

You people hurt me, destroyed me, and landed my mum in the hospital. This letter is just to notify you that " I'm coming for you and believe me you shall feel my pain". And just as I finished reading the message on my phone the school alarm went off. "Code red, shoot-"and everything went black.

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