The Wrong Affair

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WARNING: Hardcore, explicit content intended for adults only. Issa Montgomery has reached her limit with her sexless marriage, so she begins to look in different places for what she's missing at home. An overheard conversation between her husband and his friends about ATL's erotic underworld piques her curiosity.

Thriller / Erotica
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Sexual paraphernalia was all over the place. I walked around the space admiring what my eyes were taking in. I was in the lap of a full-fledge play-party, this was my first time ever attending one of these and I must say that I was truly enjoying it thus far. For the most part, I consider myself to be very vanilla, but Given the right circumstances, even the best of us can turn bad, but it was bad in a good way.

While I was a little apprehensive and anxious about trying something new I was even more fed-up with my boring everyday life. My interest in the world of kinky shit stemmed from my late-night viewing of BDSM porn clips. One night at one of my husband's Poker games, I overheard them talking about these secret play-parties that take place throughout the city. I researched it until I found what I was looking for. I silently joined one of the clubs, paid the admission fee's and ever since then I've been receiving party invites through email that I've reluctantly ignore until tonight.

I took a long and dimly lit narrow passageway towards the opening at the end. It was doorways scattered along the way. I passed by the unmistakable sounds of moaning, followed the beat of the music coming from the end of the corridor. Before reaching the mouth of the main room I stopped and peeked into one of the rooms. It was a couple in there, they were engaging in a sexual act that captivated me like an animal that has been confined to a cage. I eyed them intently, my voyeurism felt wrong, but it was extremely arousing.

The feline was gorgeous in that movie star sort of way. Her skin had a freshly tanned hue, her blonde hair hung voluntarily to her shoulders. She put me in the mind of that actress Amber Heard. He was a tall drink of Hennessey if I did say so myself. His dark hair, his 5 o'clock shadow beard, and a height that mirrored Tom Ellis from that Netflix show "Lucifer." The Tom Ellis double forced his lover down to her knees. It was something about the way that he controlled this situation, the way he owned her, he removed his hardened dick. I licked my lips and swallowed hard.

He was rough with her, brutal even. Everything about what he was doing to her was exciting, it aroused me. I felt my panties moistening. He forced her to her knees and without hesitation, she greedily took him into her mouth. Her head moved back and forward, slowly at first, then she began to speed up. I was impressed at how she took every inch of him into her mouth, impressed at the length of his Manhood. He dismantled the myth about white men and their dick size. The way she sucked him was beautiful, she made it look like it was the most savory thing under the sun.

The Amber Heard doppelganger took her lover's hand and placed on the back of her head, she wanted to be navigated, shown what to do with the dick. He obliged and gripped a fist full of her hair. The handsome man pulled her head into every forceful thrust that he issued. The sounds her blow-job made could be heard from where they were to where I stood and that was just on the other side of the door frame. His orgasmic facial expression caused me to want to join her in pleasuring him. He glanced back to me, his face crumpled into a mask of satisfaction. Our eyes met and held each other. I was frozen in place. He winked at me. My body heat increased, I could feel the sweat starting to bead on my forehead. His eyes were begging me, pleading for me to come and join them.

For a brief moment, I considered doing just that, but, thoughts of my husband entered my mind, and I remembered that I was a married woman. I bite my bottom lip, shifted a bit. I shook my head and he smirked wickedly, again I swallowed. Still shaking my head no I started to back away.

"Beautiful isn't it?" A strong males voice questioned from behind me.

I had bumped into him on my slow and reluctant withdrawal. His voice was accented, his tongue was foreign. I turned and faced the voice. I had to look up though, my face was directly in his chest.

"Umm, excuse me?" I half-heard myself utter.

He said, "Oral sex is truly elegant, it's like staring at a piece of moving art."

His accent was just as arousing as the sexual act I was viewing. He was the hue a Hershey's Chocolate Bar and stood at least Six-feet Two. His strong, powerful frame towered over my five-feet One frame.

"Umm, okay... if you say so."

"I do." He said, "And it is... I'm O'myan Black by the way."

He held out a hand to me. I took it and retorted, "Issa Montgomery."

Instead of shaking my hand, he brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on top of it. When his lips made contact with my skin chills shot through my body and rested in my core.

"Ms. Montgomery, the pleasure is all mine."

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