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One of the most sought-after hematologists in the country, there's two sides to Karmen Tate. One side studies blood, yet the other one seeks blood. A serial killer by night, Karmen is quite accustomed to using what she has to get what she wants. But what happens when Karmen underestimates her enemy's intelligence and overestimates her own? Zyion Raymond is married to his job and nothing else. A lead detective in the city of Houston, Zyion doesn't realize that the one thing he's lacking could be his downfall? When old demons reappear in the shadows, will he be able to set all of the BS aside and stay focused on his task? Or will he let a great opportunity slip through his fingers? In this novel, boundaries will be tested and lines will be crossed when pain turns into pleasure and murder becomes mayhem.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Doctor Prentice sat in his chair and watched as his last patient walked into his office. He always scheduled her last because their sessions always left him harder than Chinese arithmetic. After she was long gone his mind was only on her, Doctor Prentice knew that his x-rated thoughts were wrong, he knew they were unprofessional. The things he wanted to do to her could cost him his license. But this woman was worth the risk. Her smooth caramel skin seemed to glow, her head was shaved around the sides, not bald but trimmed nicely. The top was curled, dyed a reddish color that matched her skin tone perfectly.

The dress she wore looked as if it was painted onto her body. Her makeup was done nicely, not overdone but just right. Doctor Prentice could feel his manhood stiffening, becoming harder with every step she made towards him. Doctor Prentice shifted in his seat crossed his legs trying to hide his erection. When Karmen Tate reached him, she offered a smile so sweet it damn near took his breath away. He said, "Please Ms. Tate have a seat." When Karmen slid down on the sofa she crossed her right leg over left giving a sneak peek at her hairless honey jar. Doctor Prentice closed his eyes and groaned. The sound was something akin to pain.

Karmen smiled, asked, "Where did we leave off?"

"Excuse me." Doctor Prentice chimed.

"You know the last time I was here in this office."

"Oh yes, I'm sorry my mind was in another place." Doctor Prentice admitted. He said, "You were... telling me about your best friend's father."

She smiled never taking her eyes off of him. She began, "Yes Mr. Jackson the man who confiscated my virginity."

Doctor Prentice brow dipped and Karmen told him, "Don't worry Doc. I wasn't raped... every time I give this pussy away it's because I want to." She said, "I love to be fucked, I love to give and receive pleasure I always have."

Doctor Prentice dick damn near burst through his slacks. He shifted in his seat again, cleared his throat.

He said, "I see... so Ms. Tate tell me how did you and Mr. Jackson... "

"Doctor Prentice," Karmen called cutting him off. "For months I've been coming to see you, telling you my most intimate secrets." She said, "That was my past I want to create new memories, Omega."

The mention of his first name sent all ethics and common sense out of the window. "Ms. Tate."

"Please call me Karmen."

He said, "Okay, Karmen how do you plan on creating these new memories?"

She smiled then offered him her truth, "First by crawling over to you and releasing that beast inside your pants... that's begging to be freed."

Doctor Prentice's jaw dropped.

Karmen asked, "Omega can I free him?"

Omega Prentice was no longer a doctor, he was a man on the edge of insanity. His sexual needs overriding any sense of control. He slowly nodded and Karmen, true to her word crawled over and freed Doctor Prentice's massive jewel. Karmen held it in her hand, eyed it, she stroked it.

"Wow." She exclaimed. "I've never seen one as big as yours." "Well not in person." She allowed.

Karmen licked the tip of his penis. And greedily took him inside her mouth. Doctor Prentice's head fell back against the lazy boy.

"Fuck!" He groaned. "Damn."

Karmen's head game was one for the record books. She was as good as she was beautiful, he now knew how and why she had created a few stalkers in her life. This girl was the devil. Doctor Prentice held the back of her head as she swallowed him inch by inch. Karmen could make a man explode with her mouths in a matter of seconds. She bobbed up and down, driving her victim insane. His muscles stiffened she knew he was about to cum. She stopped abruptly and before he could react, she was up and straddling him. Karmen guided his dick into her wetness. She slid down the length of his manhood taking all 11 inches with ease. She bounced on him, brought her ass up, and slammed it down hard.

"Grab my ass!" She commanded.

Doctor Prentice did. "Squeeze it harder nigga!"

Damn this wicked beauty was an animal. Doctor Prentice thought as he plunged deep. The muscles in her sex contracted and were gripping him tighter with every thrust.

"Oh, God... that's it Omega make me cum!"

She bounced, bucked, and rode his piece to completion. Doctor Prentice orgasm wasn't far behind it was like it refused to be outdone. Doctor Prentice's face became distorted, through clenched teeth he growled.

"I'm cum... ming." His eye's closed he was on a sexual high that he'd never experienced before. Doctor Omega Prentice never saw the syringe in Karmen's hand. She plunged it into his neck and released the poison liquid in his veins. She ground against him as life slowly faded from his body giving herself one more orgasm for the road.

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