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Chapter 2

Legs over my shoulders, with her back, pressed firmly against the wall. Her hands locked around the back of my head, my tongue moving against her button, I made tiny circles, pulled what was swollen into my mouth. My temporary lover gasped, called on her God. Said certain things that I would've address if pleasure wasn't what I was after.

"What are you doing to me?" She practically sang the words.

I remain silent and kept pleasing her.

"Holy fuck." She cooed.

Rolled her hips, grinds on my tongue. The liquor made me wicked, made me freaky. I made her cum, I made her explode more than once. I let her down. This Caucasian beauty slid to her knees, undid my belt, pants button, and zipper. My pants, boxers all fell down around my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked that crap aside. My manhood stood at attention ready for the job she was about to bless me with. Green eye's gazed up at me and I was like a drunken kid in the candy store. I've heard stories about white women and their head game, and I was eager to see. Ms. Green eye's kissed all around the head, licked all around the shaft. I was about to call bullshit until she sucked me into her mouth, made it disappear like a magic trick. I fought to keep my balance, held the back of her neck for leverage. She held me with both hands moved them counterclockwise as I thrust in and out of her mouth. My cell phone chimed NWA's "Fuck The Police" I growled, "Shit!"

She slowed but my hand pushed her on. "Fuck the phone." I snapped and picked up the pace.

It finally stopped ringing but started right back up again. This phone was truly fucking with my concentration.


I snatched away angrily, manhood swinging. I walked over to where my pants lay, grabbed them off the floor, pulled my cellular out and answered.


The operator on the other end spoke, "I'm sorry to disturb you Detective Raymond but they're requesting you at the Paul Haven building." She said, "Detective Lake has been notified as well."

I thanked her, sighed and ended the interruption. I glanced over at my head doctor said, "Duty calls so I'll have to take a rain check love."

She looked disappointed but still nodded her understanding. Five minutes later I was dressed and, in my car, rushing over to the Paul Haven building. It was still fairly early so the Houston traffic was fair. Off 59 I jumped on Beltway 8 and headed West.

I pulled in the lot and mixed with the squad cars and other emergency vehicles. Louisiana Street was lit up like the fourth of July.

I moved through the lobby and took the vertical carriage up to the 69th floor. When I stepped off the elevator into the hustle and bustle of the crime scene units and the other officers that were moving around the floor. Whatever type of business this was it occupied the entire floor. It was one massive reception area, behind that were a few offices. At the end of the corridor was where everybody seems to be congregated. So, I headed in that direction. When I reached the office and stepped through the man-size portal the first thing, I noticed was that the owner had spared no expense on this space.

"Well, well, well if it ain't tall dark and handsome."

I turned left to see Officer Brian O'Dae grilling me. He's been sour ever since he caught his black wife bent over the sink in the men's restroom and me giving her something long, hard and wonderful. O'Dae looked me up and down.

He said, “Slumming this morning I see."

I smiled and hit him with that hurt.

I said, "How's the wife Brian? Please give her my best, that's if you can."

O'Dae exploded, growled, "You Black son-of-bitch!" And he charged towards me. A couple of officers grabbed the Ex-Detective and held him back. His demotion came from a fight that him I had and the ass-whooping he put on the wife. I laughed and walked over towards the body.

"What you got for me bae?" I asked Heather Graham the city's medical examiner.

"Zyion." She greeted. "An African American male in his late thirties, early forties."

"Do you got a time of death or the cause?"

She said, "The poor soul died around Friday night or early Saturday morning."

"What's the cause of death?" Detective Lake chimed.

"Well, it's nice of you to finally grace us with your presence." I scolded.

"Shut-up you're probably just getting here yourself."

"There, there now children play nice." Chimed Graham.

"The cause of death, well I'm not really sure just yet." She said, "There's no noticeable wound entry nor exit... I'm really not sure guys, but I'll no more once I get him back to the lab," Graham added, "This is strange guys, I've never seen anything like this before."

Lake and I look over the body and collected all that we needed.

"Wow that's a nice piece of man-meat he's packing." Said Lake.

I shook my head.

Graham added, "Tell me about it, I bet plenty of women have enjoyed that."

I shook my head again and snapped, "Do we have a murder here or not Graham?"

She placed her hand on my chest and replied, "It's something fishy going on here Zyion so I'll say it's safe to work this one as a homicide for now baby."

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