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It starts with just one party in one town . We all come from different world's but then again reality strikes, we thought life was just paradise where all our problems will never exist Let say those words were lies from covering the truth ......... A small town in Colorado suffer from a tragic force when secrets were kept from behind the scenes . Four teenagers were caught up falling in the threats , lies , desire and killing No clues No strings were attached but they was only a leading fact that a list was numbered up where one by one all of them shall die in vain To stop it from going further they should survive their deaths in order to find the truth behind the solid wall WARNING: LANGUAGE

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1 : BEGINNING

A/N : This books background is not real it's just made up all in my mind including the characters and enjoy the book ;)


Morgan POV

My friends and I are chilling in Willow's living room watching a movie , eating popcorn , gossiping about who knows what.

"Wait ... what ?" I was confused what Ashely said just a minute ago " Hey I'm telling the truth Luke is gay I'm 100% right" Ashely takes a handful of popcorn

" She's right last time I caught him getting a blowjob from Billy you know his best friend or should I say fuck buddy" Charlie high fives Ashely with his wicked grin on his face and Willow bites her lips stopping herself from laughing

" If thats true why doesn't he dump Megan because she's just a slut." Willow had a good reason from that . Megan Lice is known as the biggest whore from our school premises , boys always say she's good to fuck which disgust the hell out of me and don't forget about her fake ass and breast I always wondered how did she end up with Luke "I know right slutty but fake as fuck " I rolled my eyes irritated when we mentioned her name

Anyway this guys are not just my friend their my best friends, we're always there for each other , party together and we come from different backgrounds . My name is Morgan Shield , seventeen girl with 5,9 height also known as Morry who doesn't give fuck . I love sports but mostly play hockey which I'm very good at . My life is not perfect , my father emotionally depresses my mom when they always argue when I have to be brave enough to stop the stress and nerve raking noises because I hate seeing my little sisters cry-

A screaming actor appears on the flat screen tv from the movie 'La la Lorna' "Shit I think watching this movie is too much for me " Willow said in fear hugging the couch pillow tight ' i kind of feel sorry for that poor pillow ' i thought but anyway pillows can't talk

" Really ? This is freaking cool don't be a baby Willow" Charlie says , chewing his bubble gum with a serious face . Ashely slaps his arm knocking the sense out of him " Oh come one ! this shit is scary Charlie " she glares at him making him hard on feeling a spite of fear in him

Charlie raise his hand not offending his sister , Laughing quietly. Why? Charlie Reese brings the joy out of us his sixteen light brown skin, light hazel eyes , black rich hair and 5,8 in height. His cute in his own way , smart and was a black belt in middle school combat fighting he seems like a badass but suffered from a leg injury, one huge secret about him his openly gay everyone didn't care but after his breakup with Jayden Nior a bisexual quarterback football player who's dating Charlie's enemy Kristina Rose the cheerleader made Charlie himself freshman highschool year a living hell .

But then Kristina got bored of him because he has Ashely Charlie's twin sister. She's so brave when it comes to her brother , she has the same skin colour of her brothers, long black and brown rich hair , dark hazel eyes and 5,6 is her height she's quite short but her social skills and Public speaking is the greatest achievement in Georgia High , she's part of the schools gossip group , I also don't trust her boyfriend Marley Winston, his a hacker and on the schools basketball team but her relationship seems to always be set-up so i always tell but she doesn't listen so i stopped even though Marley's shady eyes ,evil stunts I never quite get the guy when everything around him is so off.

" Can u guys stop what your doing I'm try to watch over here" I wave my hands over them stopping crazy Ashely from slapping her brother again but this it would be the arm

" Whatever anyway .... are you guys going to the party on Sunday because I don't have nothing to do on that day " he mentioned by putting the pillow anyway from his arm and face

" I'm going " Willow raises her hand in respond " Me too " then Ashely does the the same then they all look at me waiting if I'm going or not

" Guys why a party on a Sunday night we have school on a Monday " I said

" Stop being a book worm and join the wasted club Morgan " Willow said sarcastically rolling her eyes

" Fine I'll go anyways because i don't need to babysit six year olds " I reached in the bowl and didn't find popcorn leaving me frown in disappointment

"I'll make more " Willow gets up takes the bowl and sprints to the kitchen , I smile in relief that she always gets me all the time .

Willow Marts is the one and only girl in this friendship who really knows how to deal in tough situations even when you're on the edge of stupidity . She's the beauty brown medium-sized hair, tanned skin, dark blue eye and with a sexy body, a few people thinks she is innocent but her life was from one of the dangerous side of the city New York , she dealt coming out of drugs in rehab for a year and a half before she came to this town

But you can't stop her from liking guys always falling under her spell , but the most beautiful thing she has a kind heart when you get to know her if not a total bitch attitude that you'll get .

Willow comes back in the living room " But who's party is it ?" She hands me the bowl and i start eating before passing it to Ashley

Charlie's smiles politely " It's James's party you the guy who lives like sixteen blocks from here ... He used to have a thing with Kristina in Evaton St" Ashley seems to be surprised by what he said but pushes it away

"How did you know before me ?" She smirks

" I text with him u know the usual " he reaches for the bowl to take popcorn from his sisters hand

" So now your screwing with him Charlie " I teased

Charlie's face turned horrified seeing the image of him screwing with James Colton " Ewww ! His just a friend you know not just some guy I'll screw with "

"He doesn't date " Ashely ignored Charlies comment making him shriek with annoyance

"No guys just stop" he raised his hands to stop this conversation

We all apologized for doing that but he knew we didn't mean it all he was just dramatic " You know what i never seen u hook up with anyone" Willow assumed

" Yeah what do you do oral or annual " I asked sarcastically making the girls laugh leaving Charlie glare daggers at me

" Guys! Would you shut up I'm trying to watch a movie " Charlie said making us laugh harder but he end up giggling as well

Sometimes I think they is nothing that can break us apart because our friendship is stronger than everything , so the real question is are we ready for what is coming or not


I open my eyes from a noise switching my lamp and taking my phone to check the time and it was 4:36 am on a Saturday morning

"What the- " i was interrupted by a sound of yelling people in the house for a minute I got scared but when i hear the voices it was my mother and father, i sigh in frustration got out of my bed and went straight to the kitchen

" Your one asshole you son of a bitch! You never there for your daughters always hooking up with prostitutes at the bar you dispute me !" I hear my mother yelling at my dad it seem that thing are about to go down real down

" Fuck you! I married you gave you a place to stay , gave children and gave yoy money ! What do you still want !" My father yells back when i reached the kitchen door

"Would you guys Shut up! " shouting at them when they turned to look at me with no emotion

"Morgan honey why are you up so early go to bed your father and I are just talking " mom said kindly. Her red eyes were puffy and dad still wore yesterday's clothes probably went for another one night stand

" Yes just go to bed darling we were just talking " dad face softens acting everything is fine, he might be nice and soft to me and the girls yet mom has to see the other side of him

" No it's not " looking at them saying that I'm not a fool " Honey - " I interrupted my mom from acting everything is okay but it's not "Mom don't say that ! You both need to work things out either a divorce or live at different places to be happy" i begged kindly to them

" Morgan we are signing a divorce contract today and..." she paused then i see tears coming out of her eyes, I thought I was happy for her having a divorce but the happiness faded away waiting for the upcoming news that made me unease

"And what mom" I asked worried , she wipes her tears before putting a blank expression on

" Your leaving with your father "

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