The Assassin's Daughter

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When fourteen year old Nadia , The daughter of Natorious Assassin Joey Cameron gets kidnapped by Joey's brother and uncle what will happen ?

Miranda Pidgeon
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My name is Joey Cameron, I am an Assassin . One of the best infact , I started working for my uncle when I was only fifteen . My older brother , Saul and I came from a broken home . our mother was a from Italy , she had no money and our father constatly abused us. One day my uncle made me an offer " Jeoy my boy I will train you to become the worlds greatest Assassin!" He said I was ten when he offered me that postion. So I started training , so did saul . By the time I was fifteen I was already able too track and kill my targets without them even knowing I was there. My uncle had me doing small missions at first , then as I grew older they got bigger. My brother Saul and I drifted apart he and my uncle were working close , I had stopped working with him for while because we lost contact, one day out the blue my uncle calls me " Joey my boy , I have a job for you ! You are too fly to paris and take care of this target . The info for your target will be at your hotel room 211, the Rose De vein hotel" he hung up when I arrived at the hotel I opened the folder in shock " shit!" I said aloud to myself the target in the photo was of my brothers former fiancé Natalie she was beautifil and my brother was unforgiving. She cheated on him once , If you could even call it that . They had been broken up for a whole year and when they were dating my brother was never around to make her happy. My brother wanted me too kill her . Natalie , wasn't the type of targets I usually went after. Most the time I took out , launders , theifs , crooks , or anyone else who fit the crime bill . I sat there starring at her picture , the folder told me what hotel she'd be in . " Fuck!" I shouted getting angry out of all people I had too kill it had too be Natalie. I knew I couldn't go threw with it because , not only was I in love with my target but she was the mother of my new born baby girl. I picked up my phone and called my uncle my hands shaking " Is it done?" He asked " I can't uncle , not her ." "Fine Joey , you want things done gotta do them yourself!" I hear gunshots on the other end of the phone , I kneel down crying. " No!" After that I laid low , And Nadia she isn't a baby anymore she is fourteen and beautiful. Nadia loves the carnival , every year we go on her birthday. " Dad lets go on this ride!" She points to the ferris wheel " okay baby , if you really want too" I hand the man two tickets and we climb in the seats she clings too me as we go up . The ride goes around slowly I hear her giggle , she smiles and leans into me " this is fun dad!" I nod kissing her head softly the ride stops and Nadia is first to get off " wait for me there Nadia!" As I grab our stuff and turn back too her she is gone. " Nadia! Nadia! Where are you?!" I hear her scream as I run threw the crowd of people " Daddy help me!" I see saul throwing her into a van and shutting the door then smirking at me and driving off! I run to my car and speed after them , the back door of the van flies open and I see Nadia squriming and screaming I bump the back of the van with my car , my brother leans out the window with a gun in his hand starts shooting at me I pull my gun from my front seat and shot hitting his mirror . " Saul let Nadia go now, and ill let you off easy!" He looks out his window " go fuck yourself! " he steps on the gas hitting a corner and I lose him down a dark road " Fuck!" I bang on the steering wheel I think of where saul would take her . There only one place they'd go next, my Uncle's .

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