In The Streets I Thrive

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Chapter 2

"The people that you associate with will cause others to see you in the same light." My best friend proclaimed one night before his lover's husband put a bullet in his head.

"Especially Thot's." He told me. "If they see you a certain way... they'll want you. Being the opposite of what a woman wants or already used to, they'll want you even more, and you can pretty much make them do whatever you say."

I drove Layla back to my Condo in the Renaissance Tower. A residence paid for by dirty money that I'd stashed away before I received my time.

On the sixth-ninth floor with this ghetto-vixen. I smiled at the irony in that. I disengaged the locks, pushed open the door, and granted my company entry. Layla gasped at the sight of the decor. My place was massive and decorated to the nines. I spare no expense on the things that I want.

"Wow," Layla exclaimed. She asked, "Is this yo shit?"

"We're standing in it ain't we," I responded. I asked, "Can I get you anything to drink or eat?"

"Nah, but I will use your bathroom to freshen up."

"It's down the hall on the right, Love."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Promised Layla.

"Take your time, no need to rush."

I rushed over to the mini-bar, poured up a drink, gulped it down, and quickly fixed me another one. I heard the come on and the bathroom door shut. It's been five years, twenty-seven days, and eight-hours since I've been inside of a feline. Now it's a naked woman only a few feet away from me. I was kind of nervous, not because of the female but because it's been so long since I've fucked one and I didn't wanna cum to fast. Three drinks deep I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol by then, I could feel it in my lips, in my fingertips, I could feel it in my dick.

At the beginning of my fourth glass of cognac on the rocks, Layla came back into the room where I was sitting. Her two-tone braids were pulled up and tied at the top of her head. One of my big black towels wrapped around her almond-colored frame. Layla's skin was still damp from the shower that she had left in her wake. The water made her brown skin glisten like one of those oiled-up female pornstars. I licked my lips and glared at her intently.

She said, "I used one of your pretty towels, I hope that was alright?"

"I see somebody will be coming through on laundry day and washing up some clothes." I voiced jokingly.

"Oh well, I need to put this back where I found it then." Layla mused and let the towel fall from her body.

"Oops." She exclaimed.

My eyes widened and the weight inside my pants increased. I drunk in more than the liquor I was nursing. Layla's breasts sat erect like a woman her age and with no kids were suppose to, a flat stomach and wide hips. Her honey-jar was bare and even though I just met her I wanted to put my tongue on it, in it, shit all around it.

"Right, Cece?" She quizzed.

My nod was my only response.

Layla was saying, "You're looking at me, at all of this like you wanna do something to me."

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