In The Streets I Thrive

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Chapter 3

In the mouth of luxury with a 360-degree view of Phylicia, California with a city of sin below me and part of its product standing a few feet away from me, inviting me to come and take a sample of it. I eyed the naked ghetto beauty and continued to sip my drink. Layla slid her hand down to her Sex and started to touch herself.

"Are you scare of me... or is it this pussy that you're hesitant about?" Questioned Layla.

Scared of her, never. The pussy maybe, but right now none of that even mattered to me. It's been too long for any of the obvious things to concern me. Layla moved her fingers faster, let out moans that set me on fire. I downed the rest of my drank and stood up, my legs almost betraying me but I quickly righted that wrong and crossed the square footage that separated me from Layla. Reaching this agenda-driven lover and snatched her close to me and kissed her like I meant it, kissed her like she was my true love.

Backing Layla up and pressing back firmly against a column. I replaced her hand with mine and fingered Layla, kissed her, and finger-fucked her until she came all over my hand. Layla trembled against my hand, trembled against me from the pleasure I supplied. I wanted her to suck me, I wanted to taste her flavor but the urgency in my pants was more in demand than both of those were.

I picked Layla up, cradled her like a child, carried her into my bedroom, and dropped her on the bed. I tore away my clothes, everything but my socks.

I snapped, "Get on your knees."

There was no reason for me to be pleasant, she didn't belong to me, there was no history between her and I, no love only lust. Layla quickly moved into position, got down on all fours and I got into my stance behind her. I left-handedly gripped her ass and grabbed hold of my throbbing dick with my free hand. I slid it up and down her wetness and plunged inside of her.

"Ooh." She grunted.

And sank a little bit deeper into her Core. There's nothing, no words that can describe the feeling of entering a woman. I moved with a purpose as she began to push back into me. Layla released sounds that informed me that I haven't lost it, that I could still hold my own in the bedroom.

Layla tried to run from the dick, but I held that ass in place. I stroked what I wanted, what I needed, what I haven't had in years. My thrust was brutal. Layla was broadcasting orgasmic sounds, saying things like.

"Ooh." And, "Ahh, you're hitting my spot." Calling me shit like, "Daddy." And, "Nigga."

Balls deep inside of the perfect stranger. Her plan was to use me for a financial gain and in return, she would lend me her mind, body, and soul to do what I wished to do whenever I chose to. I slammed into Layla like a madman hyped up on speed. I stroked her until she came for me, fucked her until I released and collapsed on top of her. I was spent and breathing like I was in a Lamaze class. I rolled away from her and she scooted closer to me and lay her head on my chest.

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