In The Streets I Thrive

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Chapter 4

"Meet me at Twilight Wings, the one at the intersection of 83rd and Bill Cosby Way." Shawn chimed into the receiver after I decided to see what he had offered.


"Right now, Fool."

I agreed to meet him and ended the call.

Cece had a bad feeling about getting involved with the young thug but financial issues had him wanting to get back in the game and even though his reluctance about leaping back into it so soon after his release was heavy on his mind Cece's money problems were overpowering any doubts. Cece knew that he was out of step from being away for so long. Cece has deliberately stayed away from all of his old friends just in case he was being watched Phylicia's alphabet-boys. Cece didn't want to bring any unwanted attention to none of his people, so he stayed out of the trenches. Ever since he was granted his walking papers and was back on the block, Cece had been observing how things work, which goons had the most clout in the streets, he watched his these young niggas moved. Cece sold drugs but the majority of his money came from robbing other hustlers or killing niggas for himself or anybody who was willing to pay his fee.

Cece had called for a car service to drop him at the eatery instead of taking his own Whip. This time Cece had brought along his Banger. It was always better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Cece walked into Twilight, peeped out the scenery, counted every customer, and employee. I guess old habits did die hard. Cece spotted Layla and Shawn at a table in a back corner. His brow deepened at the sight but still, he headed in their direction.

Approaching the booth he heard them speaking, their tones were hushed. He listened for a moment, ear hustled before making his self known.

Shawn was saying, "So, I see you finally got that nigga to call me."

Layla nodded and he slid a thick envelope across the table towards her. Layla quickly took it and stashed in her bag. I wondered what the payment was for. In fact, I wondered a few things, like why was this bitch even here? What did she have to do with any business between this nigga and me?

"Yeah, I did but it wasn't easy... Cece ain't the trusting type."

"Not my boy." Shawn said, "Calum Cox is just another nigga, a nigga I owe a favor to, feel me."

"Nigga, you and your feelings." Layla chimed, "This thing you have with repaying the people that you think you because they helped you back when you weren't shit is kind of crazy, you know."

Cece wanted to pull out the Banger and deaden them both right there. His ear hustling was interrupted by a waitress passing by.

"Excuse me, Sir, can I help you with anything?"

"Nah, you can't." He said, "I have all that I need, thank you."

Layla spotted Cece first, she stood up and walked toward him. She tried to kiss him but he turned away and kiss landed on his left cheek. Cece brushed passed her and joined Shawn at the table, leaving Layla standing there stunned. It was some grimy shit going on between these two, he didn't know exactly what but he was gonna definitely find out and that was sooner rather than later. Layla came to the table and sat next to Cece placing her hand on his thigh and giving it a light squeeze.

Ignoring Layla Cece asked, "So, Shawn what is this all about? Why did you ask me to come here?"

Shawn hist, "Hold up, just relax, my dude." He said, "Eat some wings, drink a few beers and we'll talk after."

"You paying right?"

Shawn smirked.

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