In The Streets I Thrive

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Chapter 5

Discarded Chicken bones and beer bottles covered the tabletop. We ate and drank while Shawn talked about irrelevant shit. I was getting bored with this meeting it wasn't yielding anything that was worth my time and I was about to get up and walk out. Sitting there I learned a few things. One was that Layla and Shawn were closer than I originally expected and their relationship ran deep, but whatever their plans were for me was definitely written in crayon.

"I got twelve Bibles." He said, "Imma give them to you and-"

"What do I have to do for you in return?" I snapped cutting off his words.

I scowled at Layla. She lowered her eyes and focused on anything but me.

"Relax Cece, it ain't even like that, I just wanna help a nigga in need." He said, "I owe you, so this is me paying a debt."

I nodded and he continued.

"Just bring me back five for each Bible you move and you keep the rest and with that hopefully my debt to you will be paid in full."

Cece regarded Shawn for a while then chimed, "Let me get this straight, you giving me twelve on consignment and want off of them is five apiece?"

Shawn smirked and nodded. "That's Sixty-thousand if my math is correct."

"And over a hundred stacks for me, and you're good with that?" I quizzed skeptically.

Layla lifted her head then at the mention of mathematical numbers being discussed. She glanced at Shawn then at me.

The talk of money always made her horny and got the pussy wet. Layla was ready to either one of them, whichever one of these niggas wanted it could get it right now. Layla was willing to fuck them both, at the same time if need be.

Shawn picked up a black duffel bag from the floor and passed it across the table to me.

"So, you just walk around with this much weight on you?"

"No, not normally... this was a one-time thang."

I nodded and took the bag, slid out the booth pushing Layla over, and up out of my way. From this point forward if I fucked with Layla it would be strictly a fuck relationship. Cece walked away from the table, moved away from the ghetto-vixen and his temporary plug.

After Cece was gone, Layla addressed Shawn. She said, "I think my being here has fucked up this scheme." She added, "Yo eyes and ears in the organization that nigga is about to build may be nonexistent."

Shawn swallowed some beer, grimmest, and shook his head. He said, "Yeah, I caught that, but you just continue to do Yo part by all means, necessary and let me worry about the rest." He said, "If everything goes as planned that old nigga, Christian French will think that Cece is responsible for the Bibles he's missing... Calum "Cece" Cox would be the face behind that robbery."

"Okay, I get it now." Layla surmised. "You plan to shoot Cece in a cross with French, have that nigga thanking that Cece is responsible for stealing the Bibles and moving in on French's operation."

Shawn down the rest of his beer and nodded.

Cece made it back to his Renaissance Tower Condo. He poured the twelve Bricks out on the table, they were wrapped in a light brown plastic that had an image of a Capricorn printed on the front of each one of them. Cece recognized the picture, it was the same image on some Bricks that confiscated from a dealer over five years ago after he rocked his ass to sleep, a hit financed from jealous money.

Cece already had enough money to pay Shawn locked away in his safe, maybe he would pay, or maybe not he wasn't sho just yet.

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