In The Streets I Thrive

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Chapter 7

Christian French

His face was buried in between her thighs, his mouth danced around her Sex, tongue twerked against her Clit. French dined on his woman, made her say nasty things that fueled their passion. French sucked on her button, tongue fucked her until she came for him.

"Please," Kalani begged. "Fuck me, baby."

French wiped Kalani's juices from his mouth on her inner thigh and stood up, removed his light brown slacks revealing his throbbing erection. Kalani smiled up at him. French's dick ached to be inside of her wetness. Kalani slid towards the edge of the couch that they were on. French lowered back to his knees, positioned his Manhood at the mouth of her opening. The yearning to fuck his woman, his Top-model vixen was driving him insane. French couldn't take it any longer and he plunged into Kalani's pussy.

"Ooh, shit." Growled French.

From the start, his strokes were brutal, his hands were underneath her ass. French pushed inside her, he put all he had in every thrust. He stroked her fast, then slow. Kalani's pussy was gripping every inch of his Cock. Oh, how he loved fucking her. Vulgar words were escaping both their lips.

"French, you're on my spot." She crooned.

"Fucking right I am." He growls.

"Do you like this pussy?"

"No, got dammit, no I love it, I love you."

French fucked her, Kalani fucked him back, gave as good as got. Orgasms gripped them both. A powerful climax surged through him and Kalani, rocked them as they released.

When all shudders evaded them, Kalani laid there, unable to move. French got to feet his feet and for his bathroom. French showered and toweled off. He dressed in a five-thousand-dollar cold grey tailored August Shine Suit and went to work without uttering a single word to Kalani.

Fifteen minutes later French was seated comfortably behind his desk in his Loft's Office and two of his most trusted lieutenants right across from him.

"Alright, what you two niggas got for me?"

"Look, French, it ain't much, but-"

"But what?" Angrily snapped French. "I don't pay you niggas for buts, I pay for results, now spit that shit out."

Tone and Woo glanced at each other then back toward French.

Tone explained, "The word on the street is that this new nigga you brought on had a hand in yo product going missing."

"What new nigga?"

"Ahh, Shawn, I think that's the Lil-niggas government, he's the one who hit yo spot."

"Shawn." Repeated French.

French looked at Woo for confirmation of what Tone just told him. Woo nodded.

"Go get that mutha-fucka and bring his ass back here to me."

Tone and Woo stood up and left to do as ordered.

The time was 24 minutes past twilight when Woo and Tone had compromised Shawn's Park Avenue Brownstone. Tone entered through the front, Woo penetrated the rear. When both goons had entered the house the unmistakable sounds of pleasure were coming from above them.

"This mutha-fucka is living better than we both do." Snapped Woo.

"Shhh, nigga, before this nigga hear us." Whispered Tone and pointed towards the second level.

Bangers in hand, Tone, and Woo crept up the stairs towards one French Opp's. Quietly moved in the direction of moans. The closer they got the louder the orgasmic sounds became.

"Yeah, bitch take this dick. You love this dick don't you?" The male's mouthpiece proclaimed.

"Mmm-hmm, Mmm-hmm." Replied the female. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder."

Tone pushed the half-opened door inward and they stepped into the room Bangers raised and aimed at the midnight lovers.

"The good life is over for you, my nigga." Barked Woo.

Shawn jumped, rolled away from the pussy, and leaped for his gun on the stand next to the bed, but the ass-end of Tone's Banger came down hard against the side of Shawn's head knocking him out cold. Woo connected a well placed left hook on the feline's chin allowing her faith that Shawn received from Tone.

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