Fading Pasts

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John Conti has had a tough life and seems to never catch a break with anything. That was until he met his wife after yet another unfortunate event. Finally, John was given a chance at a good life, and he was more than happy with it. But what happens when that love is put to the test? John’s wife is kidnapped, and he has to relive his horrible past in order to find out where she is. Will John lose his wife in a string of murders, or will he be able to find her before it’s too late? What lengths will he go to get his beloved wife back? No stone will be left upturned as he uncovers the truth about his past.

Thriller / Mystery
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We were safe.

We were happy.

He took her, but I’ll get her back.

I have to get her back.

I remember the night prior, and it was a good night.

I remember cuddling with her as we finished another episode of the show she insisted we watch. I went along with it because she never complains about what we watch when I take the remote. I swear we were made for one another, and I looked forward to being with her after a long day at work. There is something about the way our bodies fit together as we cuddle that makes me feel relaxed. She fell asleep once again, but that’s no surprise. I picked her up trying not to wake her as I carried her back into our room. I tucked her in and crawled in beside her. She turned over as I pulled the blanket over myself and even through the darkness of the room I saw her smile form. It was almost as if her smile provided a light of its own. I smiled back.

“You weren’t sleeping, were you?”

Her eyes slowly opened as her smile grew.

“How did you know?”

“You can’t hide that smile when you are up to something, and you are always up to something.”

“I can’t help it, I smile because I love you.”

“And I love you.”

It was not shortly after that I fell asleep. I assume she did the same because when I woke up later that night she was cuddled up next to me.

3 A.M.

I shot up out of bed when I hear a scream from downstairs. I reach for her, but the bed is cold and empty. I grab the handgun out of the safe and make my way toward the steps as quickly and quietly as I can manage. I crept down the steps and see the kitchen light is on. I round the corner ready to end whoever invaded my home and hurt my wife. I point the gun and again a scream fills the room.

“What the hell are you doing with the gun?”

“What the hell are you doing screaming at 3 a.m., and why are you up?”

“I was hungry, put the gun down.”

“What was with the scream then?”

“I saw a spider, and I couldn’t help it, but don’t worry Drax got it.”

As if on command, Drax lifted his head, looked at me, and then proceeded to lay his head down and sleep.

“Well, at least one of us knows how to defend our lady.”

“Awe honey, I’m sure you’ll get your chance.”

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