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Living a life that Jaden did, trouble is bound to find her. When It caught her all she was expected to do was sit and watch. She can't stand watching her family die off one by one. She took it upon her self to let trouble get a hold of her. Jay is about her family, so she sees no wrong in risking her life for them. What will she do when she gets in a secret relationship? With her dad's employe, her brother's best friend? Will she face trouble head-on or will she fall back on her new love interest?

Thriller / Romance
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Jaden Hernández

"Please Jay it will be fun?" My best friend Emily says pulling at my arm.

"Em, tell me why I would like to go sit in the cold and watch a bunch of big heads bang heads." I argue while I look at my self in the bathroom mirror. My long brown hair is pulled back in two dutch braids, they look really nice with my red crop top. My belly ring isn't visible with my high waisted leggings. I'm tan from the trip to Toney bluff with my brothers last weekend. Honestly, I'm always tan because I'm Latino.

"Its called football. Lesson, Miles is going to be playing and I want to go watch. After I'm going to ask him out."She stares me down in the bathroom mirror looking deep into my dark brown eyes.

I roll my eyes and flop my body to face her, "Ugh. Fine, but only to see how it goes with Miles.

Em jumps up and claps her hands together. Her light blue thin-strapped dress flys up, making both of us laugh.


"Oh no!" I say pulling Emily's arm. "We're gonna be late." I drag her out of the bathroom to last block.

Last block is the only block I and Em have together so we make the best of it. When we step into class the teacher looks at us. She glares at Emily and glances at me. "Ladies, don't let it happen again."

Anyone else would have detention, but given my dad is the most feared gang leader in Texas people tend to give my brother's and I slack.

Emily Seats up front next to some rich white girl. Her name is Lizzie and nobody likes her. I walk around Em, down the wall to the desk in the back. I take my seat next to my cousin Will.

He looks at me and smiles. His dark brown hair is brushed off to the side. He has his game day jersey on over his hoodie. Will leans into my ear and whispers, " Are you coming to the game tonight?"

As I open my science book. I tell Will, " Yes. I don't want to, but I will."

Will smirk at me. He's quick to answer back "It's not like you have anything better to do."

"For your information Willson, I was going to finish up some artwork." I use his full name because he hates it.

"Jaden. Willson. Do you mind if the class could start." Mr.Dugh asks over his shoulder.

Before I could get a chance to mouth off anything Will answers. He waves his head. " Proceed. Please."

"Thank you."

The class seemed to drag on forever. Once it was finally over I quickly slam my book close. I stand up but am stopped by Waylon. My oldest brother's best friend. "James, Jack, and Jared left early to do business with your dad. Jared left you the keys to his car." Waylon hands me my twin's car keys. "They should be back before the game, but James said to be sure you have a weapon."

" How did James know I was going to the game?" I ask sliding the keyring onto my finger.

" Will texted"

I give Waylon a friendly hug and rush to my locker. It's open with an Emily hanging out of it. "Em, what you looking for?"

She closes the locker door then glances over her shoulder. "Nothing. I saw Miles walk down the hall and I got nervous so I acted like I was busy."

"Um, ok?" I hold up Jared's car keys to show Emily that I don't need her to take me home. I have my own car, well I have several because of Jack and dad street race. It's not like we don't have the money, we do.

It's just, that's Jack's thing. Jack is a year older than me and Jared. So, he is seventeen, but he's been in charge of doing the gang cars for years. Turbos, bulletproof, paint, you name it he can do it. Jack will get the gang when he is nineteen.

James should've got it, but he got moms half. James is nineteen and is all about guns and fighting. Dad has a 'thing' with each of us and we all know that he and James are his favorite.

My twin brother Jared is the tech guy. We just turned sixteen so we are now allowed to do gang work. Dad hates the work Jared does. Only cause he doesn't get it.

I'm the youngest, Jared was born two minutes before me. It's not all that great to be the only girl in a gang family, aside from mom. I can't go anywhere without one of my brothers or cousins. I've only had one boyfriend because Jared can see me flirting with a boy and will tell the rest of my family. Dad won't let me have a part in the gang, but in aloud to tag along with the boys. My favorite is working with Jack. Me, mom, aunt May, and the other women of the family work at the family bar.

Aunt May is Will and Weston's mom. Their dad is Warren (my dad's twin brother). There were three of them. Jacobý, Warren, and Allen. Allen was the oldest. Allen was murdered a year and a half ago. He was on a mission with dad, Warren, Weston, and James. He was shot eight times. One for each of us kids Will and his big brother Weston. Me, Jack, James, Jared, and his son Aden. We are still looking for the man that did it.

"Jaden I'll meet you at the game. I'll watch for a group of hot Latinos and know you're in the middle." Em says turning to go the other way.

I tell at her, "Real funny!" I open my locker back up and put my book in it. I grab my gray backpack and throw it over my shoulder. I pull my phone out on my waistband to find a text from Aden,

I will be at ur house in 10

I look up from my phone so I don't fall down the stairs. The car lot is full of cars, but it doesn't take much to spot my brother's bright red Lamborghini. Jack won that a week ago for Jared. It looks like he parked in the corner by a brick wall. As I start to walk to the Lambo I hear yelling. I stop and turn halfway around and walk to see what's going on. Weston Hernández and Evan Black are shoving each other. I'm passed mad now, you can't just mess with my cousin and get away with it.

"What you gonna do about it?" Evan said opening his arms looking at all his friends.

"First I'm gonna bet your ass then I'm gonna call up her brother's so they can have a go." Weston smirk trying to hold it together.

I've hidden behind a car to walk around and sneak up on West. Clearly, they are talking about me, but West needs to get out of this mess. He has a tribal temper, and can seriously hurt someone. I grab West's hand and pull it back a little so he can't go forward. "West, what's wrong?"

"Nothing for you to worry about Jay." Evan snapped at me.

"Don't you talk to her!!" Weston spits pointing at Evan's face careful not to jerk me around. "Your ex was saying things he shouldn't have." He kisses the top of my head and nods at some of my brother's friends.

They pull me off West and hold me back. I'm yelling at Weston, " Please, it's not really worth it. Please, Weston! We can just tell Jack he'll take care of it."

West doesn't even slow down. He punches Evan right in the jaw, then West gets him in a headlock.

I'm still yelling, no words just scream. I can fell hands digging into my arm as I try to pull away. I don't dare to give up, because I'm well aware that West has the capability to kill Evan. Evan is starting to turn colors, so I do the only thing I can think of. I bite Devon (I think its Devon), he let's go and I'm able to slip away from the boy's grip. I run up to West and grab his forearm.

He let's go of Evan and watches him fall to the ground coughing. Weston kicks him in the ribs. " You should think twice before you run your mouth about my cousin ever again." Spits Weston.

I pull West out of the crowd of kids. His truck is parked two spots over from the Lambo. We start to walk to out vehicles when I ask " What did he say don't worry about it Jay I took care of"

" West!" I wine as West grabs my shoulders and lefts me. He walks me to the driver's door of Lambo. Then he opens the door. "Get in!"

I cross my arms " No!"

Buzz comes from my phone. I cheek it to find a text again from Aden.

? ur not home

West is staring down at me. "You have to fallow me out."


I get in the Lambo and start it. It doesn't get put in motion till I see West has started the truck. Once his big gray truck starts to rumble. I pull out of the parking lot. Ever so often I cheek in my mirrors to be sure West is still behind me. He follows me all the way to my house. Then he drives past my house, to the gang house I'm sure.

Driving up to my big white house I spot Aden sitting on the porch steps. Aden jumps off the porch and trudge over to the Lambo and opens my door. "Where were you!? You never answered me back." He barks at me before I even get out of the car.

I'm gonna give him a hand time for yelling at me. "Nice to see you too cuss. How are you?"

Aden reaches into the passenger seat and grabs my bag and purse. I guess Jack put it in there before he left. Aden slams the car door and glares at me.

Shoot he is mad. I look at him real sweet and poke out my lip "Aden I'm so sorry I worried you. I was with West."

Aden takes a breath, "Its ok Jay." He puts an arm over my shoulder. "Let's get ready to go cheer Will on."

Inside the house, Aden hands me my bags. " I'm gonna go eat. Come get me when your ready. I'm Driving."

"Yep," I pop the p. As I go up the stairs to my room I check my phone to find two texts. One from Jack and West. I click on Jack's first.

We will be late 2 the game. I put ur purse in Jared's car, u left it in mine this morning

k thanks jack

I read West but don't answer.

I'm sorry

I set my things on my desk. I'm the bathroom attached to my room I touch up my make up.

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