The one

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What do you think? he will come into her life. Again, and make her dark world into the beautiful sunshine.

Thriller / Fantasy
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I m waiting and waiting for him.

He will surely come and take me with him. But why does it take so long? Did I make him angry or Did he forgot me.

I only left here in this world with the memories of him. I cannot see the light of my world. When he left me, the world around me began dimmed. I cannot see anymore and from that time, I only live on my hope of him coming to me. If he will come then I can be happy again.

Because I m cursed and he is the only one who can heal me. But he have to remember our times of being together. Did he remember it or forget like a dust of sand? When I m here alone waiting for him. Does he know that I m waiting for him?

The smiling face of him, bring smile across my faces. I cannot forget his little beautiful face and now, I think he grow up very well. He will come surely looking for me the girl he promised to be together for his whole life.

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