The Boy with Many Faces

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Four distinct voices, each voice for one boy distinct personality. What will happen when 17 year old, Daniel, live in a foster home described as a living hell?

Thriller / Mystery
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“Daniel this house is going to be better”

Aw, little old Daniel believed her.

“Daniel these parents are better.”

Look at Daniel believing her lies.

“You can’t stay with us forever.”

Nobody cares about us.

“You can call me anytime if something happens”

Yeah, so she could just bump us somewhere else.

“These parents are nice, with two other children.”

She’s saying it as if that means anything.

“A boy and a girl you know.”

Oh great.

“Daniel, are you listening?”

Yeah, Daniel are you?


Oh, Daniel wake up.

“I know you’ll be good there.”

Daniel took his head off the cold window, he forgot he was going to his new home. The road is a little bumpy, and he couldn’t help but notice the grey clouds. It’s about to rain. He looked at the driver’s seat, there was a woman sitting across from him. She was a white woman in her late 20s, with jet black hair cut into a bob, deep silver eyes and a bold red lip. He seemed to have forgotten her name.

“It’s just a never-ending cycle.” He started to play with his brown fingers, entangling them, releasing them, entangling, release, repeat.

The woman didn’t remove her eyes from the road. She forced a gentle smile on her pale face, then fixed her grip on the steering wheel. “Hopefully this time is different.”

Daniel scoff, “whatever you say.”

Oh, Daniel.

That voice, that malicious voice.

The woman glanced at Daniel. He looked at through he was in a trance, he’s dark green eyes looking for a horizon nowhere to be seen.

I’ll stay with you forever Daniel.

“S-shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Leave me alone!” Tears formed in Daniel’s eyes. He began to pant heavily, he’s eyes were looking around the car with his head facing forward.

The first thing the woman thought was that Daniel was having an asthma attack. “Daniel, are you okay hun?”

No answer.

“Daniel?” She reached over to him, hastily, she was scared more like terrified. Her eyes were still on the steering wheel, eyes focused on the road. If he attacks me, I have every right to attack him and throw him out of this car. Right? She gently placed her hand on his lap. It’s warm, wait what am I thinking?

“Are you okay?” She had a soft yet nervous tone.

The background noise became impossible to hear. Daniel was left with an empty feeling within his body, he was trapped within his own mind force to allow the voice to take slow control over him. He was bonded to the chilling chains his mind had prepared for him. He closed his eyes in fear, screamed out and was met with no sound, just the feeling of cold hands having a firm grip around his neck trying to suffocate him. Daniel opened his eyes to see the eyes of his own, but these eyes are darker in a strange way.

“Who are you!” Daniel tried to yell out the words, but nothing came out. “Who are you! Who, who are you!” Still no words.

The voice let go of Daniel’s necks, it traveled its hands to Daniel’s hair and played with it.

I’m you, silly.

You know me as the voice.

Silly name, you’ll know me soon Daniel.

Trust me I don’t speak this much.

I’m mostly here for the action.

Later Daniel.

When the voice let go of Daniel, Daniel was let free. He was finally back in control, and he noticed he was still in the car with the woman’s hand on his leg.

“When did you put your hand on my lap?” Daniel’s eyes looked soft, he was no longer panting. He looked at the woman, he looked as though he didn’t notice what he was doing earlier.

The woman sighed, then she removed her hand. “Sorry, you looked like you were having an asthma attack,” she let out a relieved chuckle. “You look fine now.”

The drive to Daniel’s new home came to a stop.

“We’re here. Daniel.” The woman came out of the car being greeted by Daniel’s new foster parents.

Daniel followed shortly after shaking the hands of the mother first. She smiled gently at him, “what a handsome boy you are. Strong jaw, nice curly hair.” She lowered her peeping eyes to Daniel’s lips. “This is lovely.” She traced asymmetric lines staring at Daniel from his head, down to his legs, a smile formed on her face. “Welcome, Daniel.”

Before Daniel could process what had happened, the man grabbed his hand. “Shake my hand boy.” The man with the dark brown beard looked down at Daniel. “Welcome to our home, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The woman dropped Daniel’s bags beside him. She left without saying goodbye. The only thing Daniel could hear was the car speeding out behind him and a voice that said

The pleasure is all mine.

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