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Starting over has it's pecks yet this unfortunate sap has been introduced into a world she couldn't imagine, follow Aliya as she tries to make sense of her world and fix her life

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"Hurry up! Leave the rest behind, where's your sister? We need to move now." Mom instructed Lila, she rushed into the car, banging the door as dad sped off, I hadn't unpacked since the last time we had to flee.

I watched through the window of our 2000 Chrysler minivan waving this part of my life goodbye, rain-wet the ground with its fury, the sun blazing, the wind picked up as we moved farther north, my parents sat at the front with my dad driving as they argued quietly in a hushed tone, suddenly my mom began to whimper and my dad began to pacify her, with the same old words, it's okay, this would be the last time we move, I promise. His attention half paid to the empty wet road, the other to my mother, I wonder what would happen if we were suddenly swept off the road, the rain increased in its fury like an agreement to my thoughts, the second seater held both my sisters Lila 18 years old, athletic, tall, dark blonde, Agatha 16 years old, compact pigeon-chested, pear shaped, black haired. and my only brother Damien 4 years old, chubby fair black haired, they have been singing the same road song, sounding like a broken record, their eyes not on themselves but to the window wondering where the fuck we were going this time. It felt like we had toured the world in this short time I've lived, they all choose to believe dad's word on this new place is our permanent home.

They chatted earlier about how much friends they were going to have and how grand it would be attending school again since the previous two years we were all homeschooled. They began to ask our parents random silly questions and ignored me just the way I wanted it. I sat at the back, along with my earphones in my ears without music on, I placed my head on the window and tried to stop thinking about what my life would be like in this what looks to be an empty town, I haven't seen a shadow of a store in the last three hours. Reaching to drag my hair out of frustration, my hand ran through the air then I remembered I had gotten a buzz cut earlier, that would require some getting used to, I had always had thick short curly blonde hair, which has people raising eyebrows at since am black, chestnut brown to be exact, yes I'm a natural blonde, I was what I'll consider as curvy, I was petite with cool brown eyed, my mom is a Melanesian tall, alluring dark pear-shaped woman and my dad is French tall, fair, brown eyed dark haired cheek dimpled man . Currently, I'm wearing a bleached buzz cut.

I had nothing but time to reflect on my life sitting in this box, I tried to control my breathing as I began to panic recalling the last time we had a car accident, I still had a finger long scar on my lap to show for it. you would think with that brush to death my father would concentrate on driving but he had never cared much for anything. I really hated close spaces, thank God it was raining, I felt a bit better. Today marks the tenth town we're moving into, we were road babies, literally, I and my siblings were born on the road. Last year we were at Solomon island, dad couldn't keep a job to save his life, I had to steal and almost got burned Alive when I was caught. We had to flee, again, I feel my life has been one part prison break the other being escape room. We were wanted in four countries and I'm only fourteen. Sometimes I think of starting over but I give up every time, this life is the only thing I know.

We changed up our looks constantly I didn't recognize myself most times, dad grew his hair to a ponytail and a full beard, mom dyed her blonde hair to black, styling it to a bob with bangs, the kids were excluded from this change since they're rarely seen around us, Lila had only robbed stores four times, she had a sweet angelic smile and could literally get away with anything, so she's safe, as safe as anyone can get being a member of this family. We had caught a break earlier this week when pops called his parents, his sister was ready to accommodate us since she was single without a child. Somewhere in Sutherland South Africa, where we are at now. I had never met her, neither parent told tales of her, I was surprised to hear she existed, all I ever knew about dad's life was that his parents were rich and his father loathed him. He never talked about his siblings, well he wasn't awake much to talk anyway.

Finally, I could spot houses from the window, we finally pulled up at a house after much struggle with the rusted iron yard gate, the ground was uneven with pit holes housing mud and little weed. The house was a small cape cod. Dad stopped the car, everyone came out, Agatha instantly complaining about everything, from how lonely the area feels to the paint on the front door, Damien struggled in mom's arms, he blabbed excitedly about playing with the mud which was a huge no, we all wore out best clothes trying to impress my aunt.

We all stood together looking at the house, which stood formidable with his peeling yellow paint, with different emotions on our faces, we stood. each of us lost in our own universe.

A cold chill ran through my body as the door opened.

Out walked aunt Harriett With a long black cane, in a form-fitting pale pink silk dress with kitten heels, her hair was in a tight ponytail, her face firm, no laugh lines, Her eyes smoky, her lips with the tinniest tint of clear lip gloss. She stood a few feet from us, her hard eyes examine us one after the other, her eyes rested on me seconds longer then finally at dad were her eyes suddenly gained a spec of warmth. Walking to him, she gave him a kiss to his cheek and ruffling his hair a little.

"You've arrived, come, let's get you situated?" she ordered firmly, not sparing us another glance as she turned and walked slowly into the house. We all walked slowly behind, dragging our suitcase behind us.

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