The Devil's Stone

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A great story that shows how one is betrayed by the thing which he loves the most. The story vividly presents a clear view on the present scenario of affection with the symbol of 'The Devil's Stone'

Thriller / Scifi
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The Devil's Stone

The weather was surprisingly chilly and the clouds were playing their game. David was returning from tuition. Evening has overcast the field across which he made his way and so, had a flashlight in his clutch. The absence of an umbrella made him run. Amidst the way, David saw something brightly glowing. Approaching it, he saw something that entirely dazzled him. It was a small green, glowing stone atop the green grass.

It had been a couple of weeks that David had found the stone. He had secretly kept it with him in a small wooden box and it after his own name- 'The David's Stone'. The stone was a piece of bizarre beauty and unique of its own kind. It was extremely lustrous and glowed even in the dark. The David's stone had a great value and David valued it greatly. With the passing away of time, David started getting more and more attracted to the stone. He was very fond of it ad observed its keen beauty whenever possible. He not only observed its beauty but also worshiped it. Actually, David was unaware that somehow he has made the green, gorgeous 'David's stone a part of his life and has decided never to part with it.

He was soon loving it more than anything else and was addicted to seeing it. Soon, David was blind to everything but the David's Stone. Now, perhaps he was loving it more than his life itself.

By and by, he refused to attend school and having captivated himself in his room, adored the magnificence of the the stone. Even the words of his parents and friends failed to move him. The glow of the David's Stone was as intoxicating as wine and David always remained intoxicated. His parents badly wanted him to get rid of the stone but he allowed nobody but himself to even touch it. He was even taken to a mental counselor but in vain. Nothing was of help. He always observed the stone and had nausea. Now, the David's stone was not his part of life but was his Life itself.

Yesterday, like every-morning, David's Mom went to awaken him in spite of knowing that he never slept. The scenario was just same as everyday: David was lying holding the David's Stone but his eyes were closed. First his Mom became happy thinking that his son was sleeping. But very soon she realized that he was not in sleep, rather, he was unconscious. The panicky mother did not take much time to gather neighbours and David was taken to the hospital.

After he was under treatment for over a couple of hours, his doctor wanted to talk to his parents. The dumbfounded medic said "Your child's case is highly exceptional and extraordinary because what he is suffering from is nothing but cancer in the cornea of the eye. He will live but without vision. This ailment is caused by continue exposure of eye to radioactive rays. Did he have any such scope of exposure?"

Showing him the green gorgeous David's stone, the sobbing father said him his entire story. The doctor's mouth fell open who informed that the stone was radioactive and is commonly known as The Devil's Stone. Hearing this, the lamenting mother took away the stone and threw it out of the window.

It was already evening, and a boy was returning home from tuition. Seeing the stone, he picked it up and kept it. He decided to name it after his name and his name was David.

So all my friends young and old

Whatever may seem as valuable as god

Can even destroy you all alone

Or, can simply be The Devil's Stone

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