Blood Love

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Rose is a young girl who enters Scareville.A town filled with Vampires, Werewolves,Witches and humans who are broken.But most...filled with secrets Can a young girl like Rose survive in this town? Join Rose and Damien ,two mates who try to survive in this dangerous journey of a Vampire falling in love with a human whose cursed stepmother would do anything to kill her. ____ This is our story Damien and mine(Rose) I tried escaping my past I really did And when I heard about Scareville I thought maybe there is a chance I could finally leave my past .Little did I know that it would be the total opposite of what I thought and now I need to face my past. ___ There is no escape from past.It will always come for you and as I look at the figure who is rocking back and forth in the chair.I realise that it might be too late.This is not my Mate Damien...this is someone.. something else Secrets,lies, lust,blood And more will be discovered A dark Vampire Romance Novel

Thriller / Romance
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"And that's gonna be twenty dollars miss"

The driver spoke,getting me out of my thoughts.I looked at the driver and went back to pull out the money from my purse.But when I checked my purse I frowned,there were only twenty dollars I was pretty sure I had kept atleast a few more hundred dollars,cursing internally I pulled the only twenty dollars and gave it to the driver.

"Thank you miss"

He said and eyed me peculiarly, while I nodded slowly and went to check out the new town I am going to live in from the window.

Most to my surprise it was very quite and was filled with trees and the town was all fogged up , and by that I was guessing it was gonna be very cold outside.But unfortunately I hadn't got much of winter clothes I seriously have come unprepared I thought to myself and signed disapprovingly.

Maybe I should have researched more about this place but I really needed to leave my house I just couldn't live there anymore....But before I could loose myself more in the thoughts I decided to get out.I moved to the side of the car and was about to pull the door when the driver called out

"wait miss! If you would not mind can I ask you a question?"

He said in his thick British accent.I looked at him and raised my eyebrows and signalled him

"Go ahead"

"Miss I just want to know why you have chosen Scareville"

He said with the same peculiar look he had given me before.
I arched my eyebrows and looked at him and said

"does it matters?"

it might have been a bit rude but that's how I was.... broken from inside and outside having no clue what was going on the outside world.

"it's nothing much,just that there are rumours"he said and shuddered.

"what rumours?"

I asked not able to hide my curiosity , even though I knew most rumours were twisted and fake.

"My people say that whoever enters Scareville never leaves the place ever again and... They also say that there are monsters seeking in the dark"

He said while I tried to hold back my laugh.

He has to be kidding but when I looked at him he looked dead serious.I simply shook my head and headed out.Where I was greeted with the rush of cold wind ,while a shiver went down my spine.The cabbie also got out and went behind the back of the car to remove my luggage I went towards him and looked as he started lifted my luggage from his car"well thanks for the information,but can you tell where the apartments might be?"I asked trying to get some important information instead of the stupid ones, he looked at me warily and spoke

"up ahead first right, probably"he said and I nodded.After he got all the luggage out he huffed and went back to his driver's side but before entering he looked at me causiously and shook his head

"I can tell by your face you are not believing me but once you get to the apartments it might change"

he said and with that he left vanishing into the thick fog and trees.Really , is this some kind of movie where are the cameras? I thought and giggled a bit as I lifted my luggage and started going ahead of the road all alone.

I only had 2 suitcases and a backpack but they were all huge and were kinda heavy.My breath started to get shallower as I started getting tired of walking and apparently when the cabbie said "up ahead" it probably meant 100miles.He could have dropped me to my apartment I thought as I got frustrated.I looked around expecting to find some man who could help with the luggage but I found none.

How can this place even have a highschool I thought.One of the reasons I came here was because 'Scareville highschool open for admission' was the first post which had popped up from the website , and here I was all alone walking down my apartment.

After some time I decided to rest I mean how much longer can a girl go?I sat beside a huge tree while I tried to catch my breath.And the fog and cold weather wasn't helping.

I couldn't simply just remove my jacket now cause it is very cold but I really wanted to remove to my jacket so... help me.While I was lost in my irrelevant thoughts a shiver went down through my spine it was not the one which I got when I came out of the cab this shiver was different.

It was a shiver as if telling that someone is watching you from behind.I tensed it was almost that I felt someone's breathe behind my back and the shivers won't stop.By heart started to race as I slowly turned to look .

Aaaannddd there was no one leaving the huge old trees and of course fog.I shook my head and decided to start moving along.Wow now I am going to believe the cabbie and start thinking monsters are behind me great just great.My sarcasm dripping from my eyes as I rolled them.After a few more minutes of the torture walking ,the road finally splitted into two sides I smiled internally and took the right side and there it... was a four storey apartment.It was covered in old paint and felt as if it was 20 years old or older and maybe I wasn't wrong.This place seemed kinda isolated so I slowly started to descent towards the apartment.

The first thing I saw when I entered the lobby was the reception it was old and rusty.There was a old chandelier on top which was filled with webs I shuddered and went inside.Looking sideways if there was anyone to assist me but found none.I signed and sat on a rusty sofa which creeked when I sat.Rolling my eyes I glanced around my surroundings.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

A old female voice spoke, I gasped and turned towards the entry.There was a old women with a plastic bag on her hand.She looked very old and had a stick to asist her."oh no, I was wondering if you have seen the owner of the apartments I had booked a room for rent"I said quickly.Whatever the reason was having this women around me had made me very nervous.She nodded slowly and started to walk forward

"I am the owner"

She said with a raspy voice"oh"I said not know what else to say."I can help you with the bag"I said trying to be polite.She laughed and shook her head in a no "I have been doing my work alone for years I can still do it without you"She said it was challenging tone.Which was funny since it was coming from a old women.I simply nodded and gave a small smile and got up"hold on I just need to find the keys for your room"

she said and went to the counter and started opening drawers.I shuddered involuntarily but said nothing"Why have you come here darling?"
"Me ?"

"Who else?"she said
I decided to answer the question genuinely and said

"I came here to join the highschool I heard it's good"

"it indeed is"

the old women agreed "what do you plan for doing after highschool?"she asked.Now I was starting to get comfortable,having a company wasn't bad even if it is a old women."I want to be a singer so I am planning to go to los Angeles-"

"My my!"

She exclaimed with a mild shock written on her face. I cautiously looked at her,had I said something wrong? I thought.
"Did I say something wrong?"

I said asking away my thoughts.She had now stopped searching for the keys and was looking at me with all the interest"why do you need to ever leave?you can sing here people love songs over here,forever"she said with a curious look now.

I knew she was hiding something,but in back of my mind the drivers word ran

"My people say that whoever enters Scareville never leaves the place ever again and... They also say that there are monsters seeking in the dark"

I shook my head off, now I was going to believe an uneducated driver I thought and answered her carefully I did not intend to anger the owner of the apartments so I cautiously answered"Oh no I did not intend to hurt your feelings I am not sure yet"

"You can't leave this place honey"

she said and went back to searching the keys "ah!" She said after sometime and handed me a set of rusty keys

" 2nd floor, 3rd room to the left"

she said and I nodded and took the set of keys and looked at the hall , there was only a set of stairs and an elevator.Finally!!! I found something from the 21st century I thought.I then went and picked up my luggage and went towards the lift "Thank you miss?" I questioned as I cocked my head up waiting for her answer

"oh it's Amora,just call me Amora"

she said and went towards the room near the lift

"If you have any queries,I live here"

she pointed to door.I kindly smiled and nodded my head .

"Uhm earlier you said that I can never leave this place..well I am not sure about that... I will probably leave Scareville in a year or two"

I said coming straight to the point,and at the same time the elevator door opened I stepped in with the luggage and waited for the door to close expecting no response from Amora I pressed the button and as the lift started to close She turned and looked at me from the distance and smiled.Not a normal one.A crooked weird smile"I never asked" she said as the door closed.I frowned what the freak did she say?I thought .Something was definitely wrong with this women.The elevator stopped moving and the doors opened again reaching to my destination.

I moved out of the elevator to the new floor with my luggage and started following the directions I had got.

"and there it is"

I mumbled to myself as I came across a door.I put the keys into the lock and opened the door.Expecting a dirty old room.But I will be damned!This was not what I expected.The room was clean and huge with bright polished wooden floors.The room had a door at the right which I expected it to be the bathroom and it had a small single bed with TV on its opposite.I was surprised that they even did have TV.

Ofcourse they have TV what did you think they would have? telephone pole?I thought to myself and gave a laugh.

Ok maybe this all would work.I thought to myself as I jumped on the bed and quickly removed my jacket.Ready for a nap.I will make it work I thought as I lost my consciousness and went into the depts of sleep

Hey guys just a quick warning the next few chapters might have some mature scenes...soo yea just warning y'all and it's a dark romance just reminding y'all...heh

Give it a like and comment down below what the Frick do you think is wrong with Amora?
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