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I have a burning desire to scream. Nothing in my life is headed in the direction l had desired.Once again life has proven to be a pain in my fat ass. All ever wanted from the universe was to graduate from highschool and study far away from this God forsaken town in college, graduate and get a job,be somebody who mattered not watch some unknown people kill my nana and then later get accused of it run away from the cops and have posters of me all over asking HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL......but once again karma has proven to be such a bitch .Am lost in the middle of God know where and the worst part of this all is that all the monsters from my bedtime stories are real and for some unknown reason to me they seem to be after me .My name is Tracy Blackwood ladies and gentlemen and this, well......... thisis the fucked up story of my life.

Thriller / Romance
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