Empty Eyes

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Thriller / Horror
Edward Mickelson
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empty eyes

Piles of golden, auburn and orange leaves gave an ombre glow in the twany light. The day grew darker by the second. Stars winked like sequins on a dark gown, the moon shone with all her splendor, the silver sheen of the lake's surface darkened and lightened with every passing of a cloud, the fruit on the trees sparkled like jewels and the river snaked along like a glittering serpent.

The air held a drizzle of rain as she walked home with the crunch of fallen leaves beneath her feet. It reminded her of the time she used jump on dried leaves with her mother. It was so still that she could hardly hear the footsteps of the person walking behind her. But being a beacon of paranormal power, she could feel the footsteps and its owner's aura. Hence, her lack of worry. After all what could happen, she was great talent keeper even if she did not know it herself.

"Dinner was good", she thought to herself, "especially desert." Alas! She could have a little more of the delicious chocolate tart when young Tony decided to put his hand in the bowl. Expecting a full scale Armaggedon by his red-faced mother, she climbed out of her seat, full of mirth. In her haste, she bumped into a hard wall of warm flesh.

Looking upwards, she was mortified at herself to bump into the stranger. But being her curious self, she was intrigued by the new face. Floppy copper-brown hair accompanying a chiseled face and cerulean eyes. "I apologize, Sir," she mumbled softly. He nodded and walked away rather hastly.

Suddenly, she was brought out of her wandering thoughts when she felt a change in her follower's aura. Such hostility! Swiftly, she padded around the corner and the footsteps did the same. By now, she had an inkling that she was being followed as she had only three friendly neighbours.

Catching her stalker by surprise, she ran. Her hair flying backwards in the moist air, her feet barely touching the cold ground. Without a moment of hesitation, the footsteps did the same. "Finally!" she huffed as she saw her house looming up ahead and relief in her voice.

"Stop running before I catch you", a deep voice boomed behind her. She knew by the harshness of the man's voice that she would be in huge trouble if she didn't do exactly what he asked her to do. Quaking like a leaf, she stretched her hand slowly and clasped the man's arm.

She was shocked at the feeling of such violent waves emitting from the man. "He really wants to hurt me "she thought a bit sadly but her determination to fight back overcame it. Trying to calm the violent waves he was emitting, she put all her power in it.

Gradually, she felt his power decreasing as she dominated it, his waves radiating slower, his pulse count reducing, his heart beat decreasing, his life fading away. At that moment, she knew she had taken it too far. Too late, she realized he mistake. She was too powerful and he did not stand a chance in front of her.

Ashen faced, she watched his eyes turn empty and death unfold like a poisonous flower before her eyes, the tormenting memory haunting her for years to come.

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