Era: The curse of power

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I. Taylor

Brearley highschool New York

To live in a world with no rights is a nightmare for any human, I live in that world a world that belongs to the ones with power.


A world where emotion has not a role to play.

“Hello, earth to Taylor.”

Where you are nothing but a play toy to the ones who call themselves superior

“Taylor, you alive?”

The world of Vampires. Bloodthirsty cruel and unjust

“Taylor Adeline!”

I was jolted out of my thoughts, to my friend Emily shaking me violently like I was a cheap snow globe you find at the supermarket.

I whined. Yanking her arms off me.

She gave me a lopsided smile “Well I was checking if you were dead or not, turns out you’re not” she said with a pouty look on her face.

“Very funny Barbie” I say with a grin.

She frowned “Just because I am blonde does not mean I am a plastic doll.”

“Sure.” I said rather mockingly. Emily turned red from rage.

“Fine, fine sorry.” I apologized.

“Its fine.” She said. “Anyways meet you at the cafeteria, its lunch.”

With that she left the class leaving me and a few others I barely knew behind. A while later I got up having finished my work, gathered my stuff and headed down to the cafeteria. The hallways were choked with sweaty teenagers, to whom hygiene seemed to be a waste of their precious time.

Practically surfing through the crowd, I spotted Alex jogging towards me with an almost invisible smile. I waved at him as he did the same.

Alexander Maddox was a Junior, I had met him during the school play, and we had become friends since then.

“Hello” I said, “Long time.”

“Hi. Yeah” He said in almost a whisper.

“So, join me for lunch?” I asked.

“Why?” He questioned.

“W-well” I stammered on his strange reply “You are always alone and since we know each other enough to be called friends it would be nice if you join me and my friend for lunch that is if you want to.”

He remained silent before responding “Sure why not?”

“Then it’s settled follow me.” Said I.

We found Emily sitting at a table to the corner of the cafeteria.

I sat down beside her with my tray and Alex to my other side.

“Hi” I said with a smile.

“Hey” she replied, “Who is this?”

“Right. This is Alexander a ‘friend’ of mine.” I said

“Oh...” she trailed off.

The rest of the conversation was smooth from there. With occasional giggles and countless embarrassed glares, the period ended sooner than usual which was honestly a bit disappointing. The rest of the day went in a blur nothing too important to be given significance of any kind.

157-159 Vermilyea Ave New YorkCity,

I reached my house long after the sun has set. Exhausted from the long hours of standing, smiling and serving and was looking forward to some rest. That is if life would let me.

I slammed the door shut and collapsed on to the old couch tossing my bag to the ground. Breathing out an exhausted sigh.

That was a long tiring day I thought, little did I know it would be my last.

Moments later I heard a loud hurried knock. Hesitantly I walked over and opened the door, to see Alexander with a worried expression on his face.

Greeting him I invited him in.

He sat down on the couch the tension in his shoulders relaxing a bit.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Will you let me stay for a while?” was my reply.

“S-sure but why?” I asked.

“Promise me, this stays between us.”

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