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As I approached the crooked house in front of me, I jumped off of Beauty, secured her to a post and made my way across the garden. The clothes line was full of fresh smelling clothes, all blowing slowly in the wind. It made me think of Mama and how I used to help her with the chores when I was a little girl. How I missed those carefree days, but I wouldn’t change a thing because that would mean not having what I did now and I would never go back to before. As I pushed my way through some clothes, I breathed in their smell and smiled, I would never forget those memories. As I made my way to the door, I pushed it open slowly and walked into the kitchen. I pulled my hat off, set it aside and pulled my hair out of it’s tight knot. I shook my head and placed my hair as neat as I could. It was still early morning and the house was quiet, except for the rooster we could hear outside the window. I took off my vest and my pants and placed them on the chair where I always did. I pulled out a skirt from the usual drawer and put it on. I walked over to the bedroom door and called put in a whisper


I heard the pitter patter of her tiny feet running towards the door. The door creaked open and she walked out, rubbing her eyes as she woke up.


“You look worse than you did last week.”

I turned to look at Mama, rubbing her own eyes and yawning because of the early hour. She had never gotten used to living in the country, still an old city gal at through and through.

“Hello to you too Mama.”

Rosemary came up beside me and pulled on my skirt.

“Help me with the food mommy.”

I stood up and walked with her to the stove, where she had already gotten the ingredients ready for pancakes.

“Smart girl.”

I passed my hand in her hair and smiled at the precious moment.

“They are working you to the bone in that mine.”

I shushed her, not wanting my daughter to hear her. We had to keep as quiet as possible about what I did or where we were if we wanted to be safe.

“She can’t be telling her friends how mommy works in a mine.”

Mama nodded, clearly sad and upset at the same time.

“I hate that he did this to you.”

I gave her hand a squeeze and smiled.

“When we left, he was being sent to the worst part of the country. They will take care of him for us. Until then, we need to lay low.”

She nodded again and we went back to making the best pancakes. Mother, daughter and grand-daughter working side by side while singing to our hearts content.

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