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He found me

“He doesn’t know about Rosemary.”

Leeann sat back on the bed and smiled up at me. I had enlisted her help in a way I had never thought would work but thank goodness it did. She had found a way to question him about the woman he was looking for when he stopped in for a drink. She had not mentioned any child of course, but had merely asked if the woman was dangerous and if they were looking for someone else too. His answer had seemed honest to Leeann and that was good enough for me. She was a very good judge of character, I guess her line of work required it most days. After I left her room, I starting thinking about what my next move should be. I needed to leave town fast, in case someone saw that picture and thought I looked familiar. Even with the clothes and the hidden womanly features, one could never be too careful. I decided to ride out to Mama and Rosemary one last time before leaving.

As I rode up to the house, I could see a horse standing alone, attached to the post. It wasn’t one of Mama’s and they never had visitors. A deep feeling of dread filled my belly and I pushed on poor Beauty to go faster. As I reached the door, I noticed it was open. Mama never left It open, under no circumstance. I ran inside and found myself face to face with the person I loathed above all else.

“Elizabeth, so glad you could join us.”

Those bottomless brown eyes I stared into were full of hatred, it made my skin crawl. How could I have ever thought this man was good? How could I have been fooled by his beautiful words during our courtship? I had no one to blame but myself for falling for all the lies. But this time he was not going to make me feel like I had any part to play in this. He wanted Rosemary just to spite me and he could have her, over my dead body.


He held her firmly in his grasp, I was afraid he was going to break her arm.

“It’s okay sweetheart, just sit quietly on the bed and everything will be alright.”

I tried my best not to let my nerves shake the words out of my mouth. The bastard! He was going to pay for making her scared and hurting her. He had her tied up to the bed and Mama was in the kitchen tied to the chair. I was standing under the door frame and waiting for a chance to grab my rifle from the bedroom dresser. I had to get to it, if it was the last thing I did. I leapt for it and the last thing I saw was his fist come up in my view. Everything went black.

My head hurt like hell and I swore before realizing where I was. I had gotten into my character so well over the past two years, I now even astounded myself with my manners and conduct. I really felt like I was more of a man than a woman most days, yet I did yearn for the companionship of a good man. This bastard kneeling down in front of me sure was not it. He had the audacity to grin when I opened my eyes and looked around.

“It’s me you want, leave Mama and Rosemary. I will do anything you want.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“I can imagine a million things I would do to you.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. I could smell the sweat that was drilling off his brow, it repulsed me to the core. I frowned and he laughed again.

“I don’t make you quiver in pleasure anymore Elizabeth?”

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