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This book is about the family coming together to put their differences aside for the world. The family has so much going on with them . The First Lady having an affair with the bishop. The bishop happening to have a sexual transmitted disease he haven’t told anyone about. The bishop & First Lady son happen to be transgender. So here you have the first family who has sinned against the glory of god but who so called the first family to be the only one in the world . In the religious aspect calling out to people helping them when in reality this family makes a few mistakes on their own. The story set off in Georgia the bishop & First Lady are just coming back home from a trip in Miami. Immediately after once coming home the bishop friend stop by to tell the bishop that reverend Harvey has passed away. This news has terribly shocked bishop Evans. This family has always preached in a super market then at a hotel , now at reverend Harvey’s church a few time but never in a big mega church of their own especially in the state of Georgia in Atlanta. The first family is now trying to make moves on how they could become as big as T.D. Jakes. After staying in the church business for so long the deacon board make a final offer that shocks the family to it very core.

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