THE SECOND TIME- from caged to freed

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DARK ROMANCE Ryan black The name of power, a ruthless sinner and wounded lion with no heart. A walking Greek god is a multi billionaire. But that's not all he is. Dysfunctional family, dead dreams and deceitful looks. He gets what he wants having his own ways. But what will he do when a soul so pure walks in front of him, for the second time, Trembling. ALINA is an innocent and adoring chubby girl with absolute cuteness and awkwardness over her curvy body and south asian accent. Great family, good career and hopeless love life. She have been starving to death to fit in a certain dress which she is totally unaware of what this dress holds in store for her and whom is she about to cross path for the second time. WARNING: this is a dark romance. Contains abusive language,mature content,drugs and violence might trigger someone's sentiments so read on your own risk. This is completely out of authors imagination and any resemblance to certain person living or dead, place or name would be an utter coincidence. Welcome to, A JOURNEY FROM CAGED TO FREED. COPYRIGHT BY MEGHAN ROSALINE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am strictly against plagiarism. Whole or parted, Do not copy.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1 first kiss

"You can't come here"panting,I yelled turning back to see he already stepped in girl's room.

"I already am"said he, grinning wolfish like a predator.

"I-i haven't seen a-anything."i said assuring him to believe me which i doubt I did.

"Oh,really.may I ask what u didn't saw."he smile innocently. Oh now he is playing dumb. But damn! why he has to be so sexy. fuck. alina. he is definitely out of league.

"I-i,ok i wasn't supposed to barge in but it was you at fault for doing that openly in first place"I said,trying to sound calm.

"Doing what" said he. Such a cute little play as in he really don't know.

"Ughh..okay listen I do encounter your uhh act and I'm sorry ok? Now bie"

"Apology not accepted not until you tell me what you saw" he said engulfing me by putting his large left hand around my waist while having a sinnest smile.

I flinch under this extreme close proximity. I never have ever been so close to any boy before. But still I keep my sanity and spoke back.

"Are you for real,you want me to say your little act that to in a freaking common tend."ok now I'm getting annoyed.i just saw him hovering over an almost naked women and that woman also happens to be our tour guide. the hell. what he even want. he kept looking at me quite amused but all calm making me even more furious.

I'm definitely not someone to play stunt right now. So I continued,

"And you know you are at guilty and should plead me not to tell anyone unless you want your little guide and yourself out of this camp."I said with utmost confidence I can gather. He must not know but I'm in emotional turmoil inside.

"Plead? Me? huh?"raising his brows, he pull me closer and took a handful strand of my hairs making me recoil under his intence touch. I immediately slap his hand off me.

"Yes and keep that filthy hands of yours off me."I shruggle to get free. but whom I would be kidding, god he is so hot that even in my pissed off mood I couldn't got my eyes off him. I admit he is even more beautiful from closer view.

Damn. Alina. he is a jerk and harrasing you just to keep you shut.i mean come on look at him he is a piece of art.

Stop. Right now. Not again.

And what if I don't." He mumured near my ear mushly with his heavy low voice. god his voice, that accent is enough to get someone aroused. well did I mention he got some really sexy mixed British accent.

His breath hit the nape of my neck. This somehow spring a sudden wave of overwhelming emotions to hit me, hard.

I need to leave, now. I cannot take this anymore.

"Then y-you.., it'll be on you for what happens next" not acknowledging what I say he chuckled looking into my eyes with amusement all over his face. whereas I in a blind put my heels on his shoes and press it with all my might earning a growl from him.

Before he could process this, i put both my palms on his broad chest and try to dodge him to get myself free.

He bulge, and just when I think I won he took my both hand and pull them over my head pushing me to the the nearest wall of girls room (yeah that's right, girls room), my back hit the cold surface. caging me between him and the wall.

My freaking stunt didnt help. I'm in deep shit now. I hit the heartrobe here.

So,I decided to do the only thing I think can help now. To scream, aloud.

I'm about to scream but he was fast enough to realise my next move and before I could heard my screams he put his large hand over my mouth knocking me out of oxygen. bastard.

Looking at me with a face clearly showing 'i won' for a few moments which feel like hours I feel extremely uncomfortable in his embrace.

"Bad move, but I must admit you got balls girl, you hit 'me'" i heard him emphasize on the word 'me', who he think he is, a minister. So highly of himself, Pff.

if he thinks because everyone here (precisely girls) worshiping him at his foot if he is some Greek god, I too do soo. My foot! He is highly mistaken.

Noticing me at a lost in my thoughts he continue.

"Believe me you don't want to know whom you are provoking, would you? Now back to the question. come on, tell me what you saw and don't made me repeat myself."

I don't know why I feel so intimidated by him right now. He clearly is elder than me but I presume not by much difference so how come a mere boy just like me, or others touring and camping makes me feel scare of him. And for what, I mean what even I have done.

He continue to gaze me. God! His mesmerizing dark ocean blue eyes, radiant sinister grin, thick eyebrows, pinch black hairs, pale skin, high cheekbones. And his body. fuck! his body, alina don't go there, can make any girl go weak on her knees, his navy blue t-shirt hugging his aps like a second skin and deep blue rugged jeans. I said don't. Go. There. My subconscious mind scold me.

He is wearing a watch which definately is of some expansive brand, which I don't know about. He is indeed a walking Greek god.

"Tell me" he growl making me come out of my trance.

"I-i saw y-you over that girl"

"And" he said asking for more details. Asshole and shameless.

"Kissing her" i said breathing heavily because of how close we are standing. Almost touching each others body.

"Oh! Only that? He sounds disappointed, as he lightly place back of his hand on my cheeks, caressing them.

440 volt of current ran in my whole body as soon as I feel his touch. Skin to skin. I am getting goosebumps now.

Huh? I have done alot more tho but what a waste you took this much time for sayin...wait! you never had kiss someone, have you?"He grin ear to ear, all too well known to me as if say ' yeah! who would kiss potato like you' as I encountered one of this look just a few minutes back.

I already know all he wanted is to made fun of me from very start like everyone does, but in this disgusting way. Sadist.

How dumb and naive of me. I should know how fat and ugly I look and how I don't deserved to be liked by someone just like Gideon told me. how could I get deceived by his looks. I should have known better.

Wait how he discovered that, am I so predictable. Anyways I am so angry right now to think straight anymore.

With this sudden filled rage I push him. he was taken aback two three steps which I stepped in. walking over him with all the disgust and anguished that I gather I yell on his face,

"Happy now, thats what you wanted, right? to make fun of me. Guess what, mission accomplished. You won. So enjoy now that you have successfully make me feel pathetic and dumb." At the moment, I can feel my eyes getting watered. But I have to hold them hard.

I didn't cry infront of that bastard so would I do here. I do not break infront of him. Never. I plastered my overwhelming emotions and continue,

"And yes I never kissed, who would even want to kiss a potato like me. I'm well aware that I'm-I'm fat,"

(Sniff, holding back tells. You can do this Alina, Yeah.)


(Sniff, why is my nose running out.)

"I'm ugly,"

(Sob cry. No tears Alina. Hold back, no tears, I repeat.)

But a traitor tear rushes down my cheek without my permission.


I was cut short by a sudden kiss. A kiss. his lips on mine. What the fuck. he really kiss me? Me? Why would he do that. I stunted standing froze and numb.

I can't believe the one and only Ryan, whom every girl was gossiping and drooling over from the last two days,the time he has joined our hiking camps is kissing me that to in girls room and not to forget every and each of the girl that was present here staring him and then me previously, more shocked than I am had already left just by a glare of Ryan.

While I am stading frozen, he kept kissing me and for me I don't know how to process, how to react or how to kiss back for that matter, and as if sensing my thoughts he pull me a little more towards him making me grasp which he took as an apportunity and savour my mouth, hungryly if I guess right. our lips and tongue kept dancing on his lead, I have no idea how and when I started moving my lips on him and why I'm responding let alone letting him kiss me

His one hand on my waist and his other hand starts moving on my body from my arms to my neck to my cheeks and then finally on my head. His fingers caressing my hairs pulling me even more into him. His tougue kept on roaming freely in my mouth as if he owns it leaving no corner untouched.

I can not indentity the reason but it somehow smoothen me. I was in a running rage just few seconds before but somehow I'm calming down.

My anger from what happened back at Gideon tent seems to cool down. Wow! This is wierd.

My body and hands are still unmoved as I'm still in sheer shock not processing completely about what's happening but soon I feel my body takes its own incharge. My hands starts to move on its own, both my hands crawl on his arms, shoulders, and then neck. God his neck. One of my hand moving forward upto his hairs running my fingers over his smooth hairs, takes me to some unaware heaven. His hands are now freely moving over my back, one hand on my upper back pulling me to himself and other on going down slightly grabing my ass cheek in his hand through the cloths I'm wearing.

God, what is happening, how I even allowing him to do that to me. I do realise to stop him but I just couldn't able to.

He is doing somethings to me that I never in my life ever have felt. I feel wetness between my thighs and butterfly in my stomach. His lips, his taste, I never kissed before. However, this feels like the best kiss.

I'm so lost my his mouth that I forgot to breath. Immediatly pulling back I gulp as much oxygen as I can. And just then reality hit me what I have just done.

Realising, I felt so embarrassed that would be an understatement, I didn't look up to the most beautiful set of dark blue eyes I have seen. I can feel the heat excreating my cheeks and nose. I know for a fact must be beet root red by now.

On that Instant, I heard some loud honking of cars immediately followed by his phone ringing. He take his phone out probably checking the caller ID whereas I on this cue, take the advantage and run off as fast as I could never looking back and chanting only one thing over and over in my head.

'he took my first kiss'.

Please bare me with my weird writting style,typing glitches and grammatical errors
It's the story that kept going on my mind for a while which is now nessarary to get out of my system for my own sanity.
I hope you all have had good time reading it and trust me you won't regret starting this.
There will be many more edging turns coming so keep on binge reading.

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