Vengeance Is Mine

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Daniel promised me the world would forever be my oyster. The sweet words he tells and twisted lies he covers up just to keep it as if I'm sane. He strikes me first and doesn't even say I'm sorry. Why should he ever have to put his hands on me and I Kenya gave that no good ungrateful bastard two kids. I can't take this anymore I gave this man my life and he just throws it all away. For another. So I had no choice other than to stab him. He pushed me over the edge and underestimated me once too far. His name was on my lips when fired that fatal shot The harsh environment in which they live and how they are able to control each other and undeniable passion...That's how Vengeance Is Mine had truly unleashed Hell.

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter One

"Daniel, this is the last time I'm going to be here. You have broken my heart for the last time."

Kenya rehearsed the words she had been reciting in her head since last night.

Just as she opened the bathroom door, Daniel threw her phone directly at her head. She fell to the floor wailing as she held her bloody head. He picked her up, slamming her to the wall by her neck, as he squeezed tighter and tighter. Kenya felt her eyes roll in the back of her head as his grip loosened.

Daniel turned around, grabbing his beer bottle, and continued to drink.

Kenya grabbed the gun that lay on the dresser. As she aimed it at Daniel's head, she felt herself shaking.

He started shouting, "You better use that shit right!"

She fired the fatal shot as he dropped his beer bottle and collapsed on the floor.

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