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Stacey was a nice girl, well liked in school, just you're average 17 year old high school student. But she did have one flaw, she believed the world was a fair place, a safe place, a place she could always trust without question. But one day that all changed and before she could realise she had given her trust to one person she should never of. This book may contain triggers, violence, vulgar language and other mature themes, please do not read if you have a sensitive mind.

Thriller / Erotica
Age Rating:

From The Author

Thanks for reading, but this is my first book so it is bound to have mistakes, grammatical errors and/or other issues, I apologise in advance and if you see something please do comment and let me know 🤗 thanks and happy reading 🥰

I will be updating one to two times a week depending on how well things go for my own personal writing abilities and if there is any demand etc 🤗

This book is a work of fiction, all characters, places and events have been written through the imagination of the author, any similarities to real life events or people is coincidental.

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