The Lonely Girl

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The story is about a girl name Emma who was forced by the situation to work at the age of 15 as a servent for a rich old lady named Mrs Dolfies , the story takes the turn when she gets to know that her mother is secretly going to marry Mrs Dolfies grandson who is 20 years younger then her mom.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Ch-1. Nothing Lasts Forever

What does a person need to be happy? yes, a happy family, money,friends,good food, etc. well Emma had all a 14 years old girl living her best life with her happy family. Her fathers Kile a decent man who use to earn his bread by working in a shoe factory, her mom, Marry a beautiful lady worked as a flower picker. They might not be rich but gave their only child Emma every luxury they could. But as said "nothing lasts forever" they faced a big tragedy.

It was a beautiful Monday morning kile head to the factory but in the hurry he forgot his lunch Marry notices this and heads over to the factory to give him his lunch but because of carelessness of a worker factory get set in fire every one was running and shouting, kile gets out from the emergency but marry fails and dies in the factory.

Years passed things changed emma became an introverted ,quite, sad girl, kile never gave up giving her whatever she needed he tried his best to make her happy and to be happy himself .When things started settling kile decided to get marry again, he gets marry to a beautiful lady named Morgan.

Morgan was a kind lady and had a daughter, Amelia she was also very kind. Now there were 4 people in the family and kile didn't had job. one day when Emma was coming back from school she saw a banner saying "workers required for coal mine" she told this to her father, and after a week Kile started working there but because of an earthquake the mine collapsed, 22 mens including kile died.

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