And We All Fall Down

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It's late in 2012, the year everything was supposed to end. We all know what happened, which was a whole load of nothing, really. What if something did? This is the story of Derron Tomoya, a young man living in Seattle. A student, not much different from everyone else aside for his love of archery and his sharp tongue. However, December draws near and there is trouble on the horizon. A shadowy organization has a plot that will upend the world and change it forever. He doesn't know what will happen on that fateful day,

Thriller / Scifi
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The alarm blared at me, and I slapped it off my nightstand in answer. I groaned and pulled my blanket closer.

“Gah.... Stupid alarm,” I muttered, trying to get back into the wonderful dream I had been having. It was a Friday anyway, it’s not like anything important was happening...

My eyes flew open. “Oh crap,” I hissed. I was gonna miss my shift.

Cursing like a sailor, I flew out of bed and into the bathroom. I splashed water on my face and shook myself, trying to shock myself awake. My roommate had already left apparently, without bothering to wake me up. Jerk. I took a shower and threw on my work uniform (black slacks, white shirt), while starting up the electric kettle for coffee and Cup Ramen. I found the blue Wal-Mart apron that made the uniform complete hanging on my desk chair and slung that over my shoulder. I fished out a fresh cup of Ramen out of the box under my desk, poured boiling water into the Styrofoam cup, and set that aside. I opened the side cupboard and pulled out a thermos and the instant coffee and tipped the rest of the water in there, adding three heaping spoonfuls of the coffee. While those were doing their thing, I rushed back into the bathroom and smoothed my hair and brushed my teeth. Having done that, I pulled some socks off the floor that looked like they matched, wolfed down the still slightly crunchy noodles, hopped into my least dirty sneakers, grabbed my wallet, keys and phone, and ran full tilt out the door, pulling it shut with my foot as I left.

Living on the Fifth floor of the dorm building had its advantages. One: It was in the structural safe zone. Not too low that people with guns go for my room, and not too high that planes crash into it. Probably paranoia, but hey, worth mentioning. More importantly, it was close enough to the ground floor that taking the steps two at a time resulted in a full minute saved over the elevator. I burst out of the lobby and ran to my car, unlocking it on the fly while switching the thermos into my left hand. I threw open the door, nearly denting the car next to me, and jumped in. It took less than a minute for me to start the car and be out of the lot.

All in all, about ten minutes. Not bad.

I was still late though.

I got yelled at. The manager wasn’t satisfied with my excuses and not impressed with my Herculean feat of prepping in ten minutes. Ah well.

I worked in the Home Electronics department in Wal-Mart just off the highway, right next to the KFC. I was a passable employee working for a passable amount of money. I enjoyed my job to a point, but sometimes it did get on my nerves. Like today.

I was just finishing selling this sweet old lady a small digital camera when a kid, about middle school age, came up to me and asked me If I could give him the employee discount for the new iPad 3. I told him no, politely. He said please. I said, “Sorry kid, I can’t”. He hurled a very demeaning expletive at me, kicked my shin, and ran off. Yep.

Not a good day for me.

By now you must be wondering to yourself why this is important. I know you probably have better things to do than listen to some far gone domestic life I had. Before, I would agree with you. However, If you are reading this, If there is anybody reading this, I wanted to leave behind a memory of that life that I had before everything happened. It may sound silly, but that is probably one of the clearer memories I have of Before. I treasure it, no matter how stupid it may sound.

You’re probably saying to yourself that this is pointless. Why would a person even keep a journal like this anyway. Well, Knowledge is power. These pages contain the story of how everything you know came to be. In novel form, no less! Hopefully, I’ll still be around to just tell you the story, but just in case, I’m leaving this someplace safe. That way, you can know the story of hardship that led us here, the people who gave their all, and that there is something left to do for us, the Human Race.

Oh, and If you are reading this and you aren’t human.... well, Congratulations on learning to read!

And We

All Fall

as written by

Derron Tomoya, Survivor

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