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The Guardian Angel

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People of our kind should have a guardian angel; they are people just like us. They could be your family, friends, partner or even a stranger. They are always there, with you like your shadow, you just don't know who. It could be anyone. Once a guardian angel, your life is no longer the same. Just like mine. However I didn't give up on my life. Not yet. For the sake of the people I love, I would do anything to protect them. For the sake of my mother, my brother, I will find the truth. I will have the life that I once had, with no worries or sorrow for me, my family and the people I love. I will find answers.

Thriller / Action
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"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOURSELF GOING?! My father is shouting behind me as I am packing my back bag.

"HELL! WHY DO YOU CARE?!" I yelled back, furiously. Almost breaking into tears, but no not now. Not here, not in front of him.

"YOU CAN'T GO ANYWHERE!" He shouted the words as I passed him to the staircase, running downstairs. Eric is not racing after me, father is standing up there.

"Liz, please don't go. Not now. Think again. I am begging you. " I can hear his desperation in his voice tone. I stopped by the door. Once I open it, there no going back. No family, no friends, no lovers, no life. Nothing. I will be on my own. All alone. I will be into others lives but not mine anymore or even near it. This might be the last time I can see him. I turned back, I looked at his face for the last time. I am now doubting my decision. I want to take him in my arms, tell him I am still here. We will be fine. Just then when I remembered father standing upstairs looking down at me. I looked up and suddenly remember why I am doing this in the first place. I know this is the last time I can stand being Elizabeth Carter. I don't who I will be in the next hour. What will be my name? Will I ever be able to see Eric again in this life. However, I still owe her the truths I still owe Eric and myself the truth. If father was the truth, or is he hiding the truth. It doesn't matter anymore. If he is not willing to tell us the truth, then he left me no choice but to find it on my own. Will Eric ever forgive me? I looked back at him, I can see it, his glassy eyes. At this moment, I know that I won't be able to hold my tears back too. I have to go. Maybe I can come back again and Eric will forgive me. Because when I am back, hopefully, I will be back with a closure for mother's death. Maybe then we can really move on with our lives. The thought reminded me of why I am doing this again. I managed to pull a smile, somehow thinking it might comfort him.

"I am sorry" I almost whispered it and turned around, opened the door and waited until I heard the sound of the door locking behind me. That's it. I am no longer Elizabeth. I am no longer the daughter of this mansion. The people inside are no longer my family. The neighborhood is now no longer my home. I stepped forward, and faced the house. Saying goodbye to the past years of my life, except one fact. My mother's death. My beautiful mother, who I didn't get enough time to hug her, or hear her voice calling over for dinner. Perhaps, if she was still alive, our lives wouldn't be like that. I really miss my family. But the day she left us, my family left with her. I hope when I come back to this place, I would be able to get my family back. Looking at the house for the last time with hope and fear filling my heart, I left.

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