The Reunion: Murder Mystery

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The Another Eleven

“The others are here.” One of the eleven muttered. They were surprised to see someone familiar, four out of eleven people were their former classmates way back before they graduated, because they were transferred to another school. “Alia, Cathe, Dioven and Javie! Why are you guys here?” Jocephine asked, a bit surprised and happy but she couldn’t be too happy because of the things happening.


The Oldest Suspect

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” Elay asked her cousin.

Alia raised her two fingers, and in between it is the invitation of reunion. “I guess they invited us first.” she looked over at another girl, “You were right, Cathe.”

“Cathe!” Klair and Jocephine ran towards their best friend, “We miss you! Why were you so busy?” they exclaimed and Cathe immediately hugged them.


The Angelic Suspect

Cathe gave them a sheepish smile, “Sorry, I just got back.” she said. Mitch and Cathe are both flight attendants out of the graduates. “I miss you guys.” She muttered and hugged them again.

“Cathe, good for you, you were missed.” Dioven says as he sulk.


The Optimistic Suspect

Klair and Jocephine chuckled, “We missed you, too.” they said and hugged him. Sebastian, Jayjay, Luis, Ronjay and Jayson approached him hit him hard, “What have you been doing, you don’t come to hang out with us anymore.” Sebastian said.

“I’m trying to make lots of money, do you want to get rich?” Dioven said and laughed.

He hit him on the head, “I’m gonna arrest you if you’re doing something shady.” he warned and Dioven laughed.

They also looked at the guy beside him, “It’s good that you two are here.” He said to Dioven and Javie.


The Voiceless Suspect

Javie laughed a little and smiled. It’s rare to hear him talk, he’s as naughty as the other boys but the most kind and quiet.

They know the personality of the four of them, but the rest, they had no clue.

“What the fuck, What are you doing here, you bitch!?” Arneau exclaimed upon seeing her twin, Madlyn. He’s not angry, he just curse even if nothing’s wrong. It’s very normal—

“And why in the world should I tell you, you slut?!” Madlyn said, raising her brow and glaring back at Arneau.


The Lustful Suspect

“Is that your sister? She’s gorgeous.” Ronjay said, keeping his eyes on her. Madlyn smiled seductively and winked at him. “Don’t say that, she might believe it!” Arneau muttered while rolling his eyes.

She snorted, “You’re just bitter ’cause you don’t have this.” she said and slid her hand up and down her body, mainly showing her boobs and especially the lower part that Arneau doesn’t have.

Arneau’s blood boiled, as he looked at his slutty sister, “I’m sexier than you even if I don’t have that shit.”

‘What is this room really for? I don’t believe we came here just to gather. The SYSTEM didn’t even tell us what the gathering is for.’ Lloki’s thoughts went on as he observe every bit of the room, he notice a small rectangular piece above the vertical boxed tables, he was about to approach it when Madlyn blocked his way.

“Why, why, why. This gentleman here looks handsome, what is your name?” Madlyn said, with a flirtatious tone. “What’s your name, good sir?” she asked again as she cling her arms to his, making him feel her chest.

Arneau flared up, “Back off or I’ll slice your fucking tits!” he exclaimed. Madlyn clicked her tongue and glared at her twin. Lloki remained indifferent as he didn’t care about her. He was looking straight at the man who was staring at him seriously but Lloki took that as mockery.

Lloki pushed Madlyn away from him and approached the man, “Long time no see, Egerton.”


The Ruthless Suspect

“Wow,” Egerton muttered as he snort, “You’re actually greeting me? I thought you’re still furious bacause of what happened with—

All of them gasped as Egerton flew down away from the spot he was in. Egerton was slightly surprised as he sat down the floor, looking up at Lloki, who suddenly punched him.

“Why did you do that?” Mitch asked.

“I was bored.” he responded and looked down at Egerton with a glare. “Don’t you dare say Derek’s name, or I will remove your mouth.”

Egerton smirked and wiped the blood off his lips. “It was never my fault, Lloki.”

Lloki got even more infuriated and he turned to Egerton, Klair suddenly grabbed his arm, “Calm yourself.” she said. Lloki looked over at her, “If you don’t, then you might do something you might regret.”

“If that ‘something’ is killing this bastard, then I won’t regret it!” Lloki yelled.

“Then you’re not any different from me, Murderer.” Egerton said as he looked at Lloki while sitting casually on the floor. “It’s also your fault that Derek—

“I told you not to say his name!” Lloki roared, he approached him angrily and tried to punch him again but Egeeton was fast enough to raise both of his arms to block the punch, as Lloki’s fist was stopped by his block, one of the two hands blocking the punch immediately grabbed his fist, then went up to his hand, pulling the arm, pushing him down flat on the floor.

“LLOKI!!” Agatha yelled, shw tried to help him but a man and a woman blocked her way, “Don’t interrupt them, missy. We’re watching a good show.”


The Bratty Suspect

“I really think we should stop them now, Constantine.” The man beside her said.


The Lazy Suspect

“Shut up, Moca. If you want them to stop, why don’t you stop them? I bet your lazy ass won’t even dare.” Constantine said.

Moca ignored her and just put the headphones back on and sat down on the floor, leaning on the table.

Egerton was standing up, pulling Lloki’s hand up as he lay down. Lloki grunted at the slight pain in his shoulder, his eyes focused at his legs since his face was glued to the floor. He grabbed the leg and pulled it with all his strength causing Egerton to slide down, Lloki stood up quickly, while Egerton didn’t fall to the since both of his hands supported him in a plank.

But before he could get up, Lloki stepped on him hard, putting him in a push up position so that he won’t fall flat to the ground.

He removed his feet on his back and lowered down, twisting Egerton to see his face, he was about to punch him again when he suddenly felt a sharp thing on his neck.

“Don’t feel cocky just because you landed a punch on him, kiddo.” The lady whispered in his ear. “Do you want to experience something great?” she said in great amusement.

Keeping the ring blade on his neck, he used his other hand to caress his face down to his throat, “Such a lovely throat shouldn’t be sliced too quickly, let’s start with your hands! your feets! your nails! Until we get to your handsome face... Then I’ll slit your throat,” Her lustful voice scared everyone off, she’s like moaning, excited by her every bloody thought.

“The red waterfalls of your neck is so beautiful to watch, but I will get the blood spurting from your throat, every bit of it! Show it to your friends, paint my walls with it! With my favorite color! Red!”


The Psycho Suspect

She snickered, her face reddened, panting, feeling extremely hot by the lust of the thrill. She was too absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice her finger was pushing towards his neck, giving it a prick.

Riri was startled when someone suddenly pulled her away from Lloki while she was letting her guard down, her right arm was pulled and twisted to her back, the one holding her used the other hand to snatch the ring out of her finger and threw it far across the room.

Lloki immediately backed away, and held his neck so that it won’t bleed. It wasn’t that deep, he was just pricked like using a needle. It was good that Riri was dragged before things got worse for him.

Riri chortled while her head was bent down, until her laughs were getting louder, looking up, bending her head up until it had reached her back, so that she could clearly see the one holding her, “I knew it!” she shook her head out of excitement, “Only you could make me feel this pleasure of pain!”

Riri used her other hand that was free, to touch the face of the one behind her, “I missed you so much, MAISSSEEEE——”

Ria, who was holding on to the end of her patience, couldn’t take any more of her craziness and grabbed her neck from behind, just below the chin. She gripped it tightly, pressing her nails even deeper, “I’ve had enough of you being a lunatic, don’t touch my friends.”

“Oh MaRi, MaRi, You’re misunderstanding me. Your friend, touched my friend, first.” she stated.

“Since when did we become friends?” Egerton grunted.


Ria immediately turned to the direction where she heard a voice of a friend, She released Riri roughly, causing her to fall to the floor, instead of complaining Riri smiled as she stare at Ria.

Ria’s eyes widened slightly to see that her best friend really was in the Gathering room, “Dark? How come you are here? I thoug—”

He hugged her tight, then he pulled away and showed his phone, “I told you that I was going somewhere right? This is the place I was talking about.” he said. “I’ve been trying to get a signal for hours, I’ve message you a lot but it couldn’t be delivered. I was worried you’d be waiting for me.” he added.

Dark Talios Valerian

The Doubtful Suspect

She shook her head, “When I was at the academy, I was also going to send you a message but something happened.”

“Did you get hurt?” he asked, then he turned to glare at Riri, who was grinning in her seat. “Hey, Dark, lover boy. How long are you gonna chase her?”

“Damn you, Riri. He is my friend. Stay out of it.” she said.

“Ria, do you know this woman? How are you two related?” Agatha asked.

Riri turned her head to Agatha, “So it’s you.” she stated, amused. She circled around Agatha, “Such a beautiful lady, no wonder.”

Agatha was creeped out by her, she looked at Ria, “What is this freak talking about? Did you say something to her about me?”

“No.” Ria denied at instance. “I know her, but I’ve never talked about you.” she said.

“You don’t have to ask how I knew about you.” she said while lifting her chin. Ria pulled away from Dark and pushed Riri, “Don’t touch her, touching two Sanchez, What the hell do you want?”

“Hmmm, let me think.” she muttered and looked up in the ceiling. “I like Relleys too.” she said and looked at Ria with a grin, “Especially, your boy, Chaise.”

Ria clenched her fist as she thinks about her little brother. “You—”

Riri waved her hand, “Oh, please. I didn’t do anything to him. In fact, we get along well, we’re friends!” she said.

‘Friends, my ass.’ Ria thought. Riri approached her, “I could see that he’s like me, We have the same look in the eye,” she went near her ear, “When we see someone suffering.”

Dark shove her off of Ria, right away before she could test Ria’s patience. “Like an alpha protecting his mate.” Egerton snorted, causing Riri to laugh.

Carl tapped Ria on the shoulder, “Are you okay? Ria, who is she?” he asked. That was what the others were waiting for. But instead of Ria answering, Riri answered.

“Oh right! Stupid me! I’m Riri Red. Ria’s sister.”

They all went silent and couldn’t process what she had just said.


“That freak is your sister?!” Agatha exclaimed, remembering the creeps she had when Riri touched her.

Keila shook her head, “That’s impossible. We’ve never heard of your sister before.”

“How could that be your sister? You two look like you’re about to kill each other!” Jocephine said.

Riri gasped, “Kill her? Oh no, no! How could I want to kill my belived sist—

“Sister, my ass! As if she was my sister! How could you believe that?” Ria denied.

“How could you deny it so harshly? We really did become sisters.”

“Don’t push it! Your family just took me in for a while.” she stated for others to hear, “I feel bad for your family for having someone like you.”

“Oh? Thank you, I’ll be sure to send your regards of pity to them when we get out.”

“Lloki, how about that man, Egerton? You seem to know him.” Klair asked. They looked at Egerton, who looked like a grumpy thug on the street, staring at them.

“Just a bastard I met years ago, An asshole I regret meeting.” Lloki answered. Arneau and Justine glanced at each other, they knew about Eggy and Lloki and how they fought a lot. But they never saw him personally.

“You know, I’ve been trying to really keep my mouth shut. But a lot of things had happened that I don’t even know where to start. I hate it when the atmosphere is so tense and the room is so silent. Well, I know it isn’t really quiet since there’s been fights, but what I mean silent, is that no one was talking about why the hell they just fought suddenly. They knew each other but still, Do you four really had to throw punches, pull arms, out of nowhere. Like, is it even the time to do that?”


The Garrulous Suspect

“Goddammit, Caleb. It really looked like you’ve been trying to keep your mouth shut too long,” Constantine said, sarcastically.

“Dude, do you know how to pause and breathe? You’re a total opposite of Javie.” Dioven said.

“If you write the words I just said earlier in a novel, you would see periods and commas, That means I really did pause. You really can’t speak too long without pausing you know? That’s impossible. Some say they do that but after they get tired they stopped. As for breathing, of course I know about that, if I didn’t know how to breathe then I have long been dead. Why would you ask that kind of stupid questions? Are you dumb?”

“I have never felt dumber in my entire life, just by talking to someone.” Dioven muttered.

“You’ve been talking nonstop since the moment we got into this room, Cal.” Moca said in a low, listless voice.

“Oh?” Caliber looked at Moca, “Why do you care if I’ve been talking nonstop? It’s not as if it affects you since you’ve just been sleeping the moment we arrived.”

“Welp, then I’ll just go back to sleeping.” Moca said as he gives up talking to him.

Before he close his eyes, he look at Justine’s direction and gave him a wave. Jayjay, Luis and the others noticed that and they looked at him. But Justine didn’t do anything, and remained blank. ‘Do they know each other?’ Jayjay thought.

“Anyways, I wouldn’t really care if you all fight again since that would be fun to watch, but I’m really curious about how all of you are related. I don’t know why this, judging by the name,” he looked at Lloki, “A god of mischief, is somehow connected and mad at this fried chicken fetus,” he said and pointed at Egerton.

Despite the fact that Lloki is mad and the others are tensed, he almost laughed at his remark, Since Egerton’s nickname is Eggy.

“While this wild animal is great enough to stop this masochistic lunatic with a stupid name, and she seems to be obsessed with you and the Sanchez, I don’t really know about the Sanchez but I heard it earlier, so that’s it. I just wanted to share what I had learned so far in this stupidly white room, the brightness is killing my eyes.” he stated like a god damn speech,” “Hey, you lunatic, maybe it was a good idea to paint the walls with red. It’s too fucking bright, are we in heaven or somethin’?” Riri didn’t say anything and just smiled in amusement.

“So, smartasses, have you figured out why we got invited?” Caliber asked. Finally stopped his speech.

“All of you didn’t graduate in our academy. But some of us are somehow related to you. The four of you, are our former classmates. And four of you are related to us years ago.” Ria said.

“Maybe all of you were involved in something bad, something that happened in the academy. ” Lloki said. The eleven looked at him, “I’m not accusing you all of something, it’s just an assumption.”

“It may not be that deep than you think,” Klair chimed in. “We are only nineteen, so whatever this ‘mastermind’ is planning, we may not be enough, so he added eleven more people that is somehow related to us to join this gathering.” she stated.

“But how the fuck am I related to all of you? I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t know single one of you.” Caliber said, “This two also probably not related but this sloth looks like he knows this dude Justine or whatever. While this little brat, I’m not sure.” he added, pointing at Moca and Constantine.

What she said made sense but there was still holes, that was all they could think of for now. As for the real reason, they are sure that they will soon find out.

They all covered their ears as the speakers looks like it was gonna blow out, different unpleasant sound came out of the speaker making their eardrums feels like bursting.

After a while, the screeching, the yelling, the horn sounds that they heard stopped and made them deaf for a minute.

But then the big screen in front of the opened, showing lots of glitch. “He’s here.” Egerton mittered, with his brows furrowed staring at the screen.

All of a sudden, Riri clapped in joy, “He’s here! He’s here! HE’S HEREEE!!!” she exclaimed, still clapping until her palms turned red. “I’m so excited to see whoever brought us here, Im so thrilled!” she intertwined her fingers, she was too excited that she was pressing her fingers too much, the nails were making her hand bleed but she doesn’t even feel it as she stare and wait at the screen.

“I’m confused, tell us, who is here?” Jocephine asked.

She turned to them, pulled her hands away from each other until her blood drips into the white floor, “The one who invited us, the one who organised this reunion, the one who brought us to this lovely place!”

“𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞!”

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