The Reunion: Murder Mystery

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Up in the Sky

They all pulled back after seeing Rosa’s corpse on the ground, with flies circling around her body, attracted to her rotten flesh. The others pinched their nose as it was tickled by the overwhelming stench coming out of the teacher’s corpse.

Jocephine, teary eyed by the sudden surprise, still couldn’t believe what she saw, “I-is that really..? Ma’am Rosa?” She looked at the faces of her former classmates and saw terror in each of them. She shook her head, “This must be a mistake, Arneau, Agatha, you two are medical students, go check if she’s really Ma’am Rosa!”

Agatha couldn’t seem to hear what Jocephine said as she was in a daze. Arneau grimaced, “The corpse are rotten! Even med students won’t touch it without gloves!”

“This is disgusting! Why would someone leave a corpse in here?” Leyan exclaimed.

Ria looked around the room, “There’s lots of rags in here, cover the trophies or any sharp things in this room.” she stated.

CC looked at her in confusion, “Why? What is it for?”

“I just feel like something bad may happen, let’s avoid sharp things for now.” she answered.

Ria knelt down near the corpse and found a keypad phone, “This phone is always with her.” she then looked at the body, she couldn’t see the face clearly so she turned the corpse’s head to her way, making the others gasp in shock.

“Rotten humans and Rotten animals are both rotten.” she stated with a shrug, giving emphasis that she’s a vet.

Agatha approached Ria and glanced at the face she was holding, “It may be rotten but the face still has Ma’am Rosa’s few traits.” she stated and Ria nodded in agreement.

“I can’t breathe properly in this room, It’s suffocating and it stinks.” Mitch said.

“There’s no windows here anymore.” Jayson suddenly muttered making everyone look and realize that the windows was removed, and the room was just all plain walls and one door.

Ria stood up and took a bottle of isopropyl alcohol at the table, the outside of the container is a bit dusty, but it’s still alcohol, so it’s fine.

She poured a lot in her hand and looked around the room. ‘No windows, but the things inside this room are still the same, well except for chairs.’ “The old man lived here for years, it’s impossible to think that he never saw this rotting body.”

“He may not be here at the time it happened. He can travel around sometimes you know?” Ronjay said

Ria shook her head, “Even so, I don’t believe that he never saw this. He may not be here when she died but if he returned, shouldn’t he atleast notice?” she glanced at Rosa and returned her gaze to them, “Especially, with this smell.” she added.

Soon you’ll know what I meant.

She froze.

She turned to Jayson, “The old man, check if he’s there right now!” she exclaimed, giving him a startle.

Jayson rushed to the door and was about to twist the doorknob when he was suddenly pushed away, hard. “What the fuck was that for? I’m just doing what she ordered!”

Lloki raised his hand and silenced all of them, Jayson was irritated by his abrupt rudeness, but just remained quiet as he was told.

All of them looked at Lloki with furrowed brows, he twisted his face to the side, putting his ear on the door, “What are you listening to?” Klair asked.

He did not answer and continued to listen through the door. He backed away and turned to us with a serious expression.

They waited for him to say something but he looked down and whispered,” “I think we are u...”

“What did you say?” Keila asked.

“Say it louder!” Klair said.

“𝐈 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐰𝐞’𝐫𝐞 𝐮𝐩 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐤𝐲.”

The silence took a while until Elay suddenly laughed, “Do you know how ridiculous you sound right now? How could we be up above?”

“Maybe someone chanted Wingardium Leviosa.” Justin said.

CC glared at him, “There’s a dead teacher inside this room and the room is fucking floating, but you still had the nerve to make a joke?”

Justine just shrugged and smiled and sat down the floor.

Elay approached Lloki and tapped him on the shoulder, “Let me prove to you that you sound crazy, we’re still in the school.”

She went towards the door but immediately backed away when her skirt suddenly moved up, as if blown by the wind. “What the heck?” she said, gripping her skirt tightly.

Ria knelt down in front of the door and put her hand in the narrow slits at the door’s sides, “It’s too windy, it can’t be that windy inside the school.”

She grabbed the doorknob making everyone react, “Wait! If we’re up, you can’t open that door! We’ll all be sucked!” Leyan stated.

Ria sighed, “That’s exactly why I want to check it, if the wind is that strong, why is this wooden door still here? It should have been broken for a while now.”

She looked back at the door, “That means,” she twisted the doorknob and pushed the door and it didn’t open. “..Something is supporting the door from outside.” she continued.

Lloki grabbed the mirror that the model, Elay always brings. The mirror that has two rings at both sides. “Don’t just get things from my bag! What are you even gonna use that for?”

He bent down and removed both of his below the knee, lace boots. He then pulled out the laces of both shoe and tied it at the rings at the sides of the mirror.

He slipped the mirror at the side slit of the door and turned to Jayjay, “Hold this as high as you can.”

While Jayjay is holding the other lace up, he kept pulling and pushing the lower lace, putting his eye on the slit to see what’s outside.

Although the wind made it difficult for him, he manage to get a glimpse. “The room was left out open on purpose, the bottom of this room was steel, with hoops around it to put hooks on it.”

“What you just said made me even more stupid. What does it mean?” Ronjay asked.

“We’re being carried by one or maybe two aircrafts. That explains the sound I heard earlier.” Lloki added.

Klair nodded, “Well, that means we should be careful. Let the flight att—”

The room shook, they could feel the vibration by just touching the wall. They were all surprised when the ground suddenly inclined, making everyone slide. Probably the aircraft’s turned around.

The trophies and the things in the cabinet caught Ria’s attention, “I told you to wrap the sharp things!!” she exclaimed. She grabbed onto the doorknob to avoid sliding if ever the inclination reversed. She reached for the laces and knotted them together and tied it to the knob. “Grab this!” She said to the others.

The others grabbed the tie and held each other’s hand. “If the the room inclined the other way, slide and land your feet to the wall.” Sebastian stated.

Ria looked at CC and Mitch, at the other corner beside them, the corners where all of them are, are at the downward of the inclination. She looked back at the trophies and noticed that it’s starting to slide down towards CC and Mitch.

“Justine!” she called out to him, who is far from the door, “Can you push that small wooden table down here?” she said, pertaining to the table that the kids use.

Justine nodded and slid the table to Ria. Ria shot a glance to the three people close to her and looked back at the ither corner, “Hug your knees and lower yourself!” She yelled to CC and Mitch.

They did as they were told and the things in the cabinet went down fast and can pierce them but Lloki, Klair and Keila kicked the tabke just in time, making the table shield the two of them.

CC and Mitch slowly looked up and saw the table. They both took a deep breath and hugged each other.

They became nervous when they felt the room inclining again and they slid for a little bit, but the room returned to normal and the ground is balanced again.

They checked if everything was finally alright and when it was, they slowly stood up. “I think I’m gonna be sick.” Elay muttered, putting her hand on her mouth.

Rica was already in another corner, vomiting nonstop. Arneau was trying to stand up straight when he lost his balance and fell at something sticky and smelly. He touched it for a bit then rolled to see what it was, for a while, he was stunned to see Rosa’s rotting face appear in front of him, with her one eye left, staring directly at him.

When he finally processed what happened, he screamed in pure disgust, “DISGUSTING!!!” he shouted, making everyone turn. “Give me a gallon of alcohol, oh my God!”

Klair, irritated by Arneau, reached for the bottle and showered him with alcohol. “Just clean yourself up! That’s what you get for refusing to touch her.”

They heard a loud and deep thud along with the short quaking of the room. Jayson leaned on the wall, “The vibration stopped. Maybe we’ve landed?”

The boys rushed to the door but Luis stopped them from going outside. “Not yet, let them leave.”

“Are you stupid? How else are we going to see who took us here?” Sebastian snapped.

“We are unarmed, do you want to die here?” Luis stated.


Sebastian didn’t continue his words when Justine spoke, “They left. It became silent.”

“Really?” Jocephine asked.

He nodded, “Yeah, it’s so silent that I could hear the crickets.”

They ignored the joke and went near the door. Lloki twisted the knob and it finally opened, “I’ll go first.” he stated and went out.

The fresh breeze of the wind hit his face, making him breathe properly unlike when they were inside. He opened his eyes and saw empty lands. Just fields and nothing more. “Where the hell are we?”

“They left us in a deserted place, with lands that hasn’t been bought yet. How the hell are we gonna get home?” Ria, who was behind him, said.

She took out her phone and there was no signal at all, “Fuck.” she cursed under her breath.

“This place is unfamiliar, it’ll already be night time before we even get far from here.” he stated.

“We should stay for a night to rest first, we’re exhausted.” Agatha said and a memory suddenly popped to her mind, making her sad and frustrated.

They looked behind them and they already left the room. They were letting out curses and complaints while Keila just stared at something from afar.

“What are you looking at?” Jocephine asked, trying to look at the direction she was staring at.

“Guys...” Keila muttered. They all turned and asked why, waiting for her words. “Not far from where we are, there’s a,” she cut her words and raised her arm to point.

“𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞’𝐬 𝐚 𝐛𝐮𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠.”

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