The Reunion: Murder Mystery

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The Weird Building

Santino and Chezza grabbed the carton of milk at the same time, making them glare at each other. “Hands off, Chez!” he shouted.

Chezza raised her brow and gripped the carton tight, marking her nails on his brother’s hand.

Santino immediately removed his hand and rubbed it continuously, “MOM!! Look what Chezza did!” he exclaimed and glared back at her. Agatha sighed and ignored their quarrel as it always happen everyday.

Chezza put her tongue out to mock him, “What a loser!”

“Why are you twins fighting again?” Spade, who just returned home, said. Santino burst out crying and ran to his daddy, raising both of his arms. Spade smiled and put down his things to carry his son.

Santino hugged his daddy, giving Chezza a smuggish smirk. Chezza, irritated, pouted and crossed her arms and turned her head to the side.

Spade laughed at the reaction and went over to pat her head, “Don’t get jealous, Daddy loves Chezza too.”

Agatha chuckled, “How about me, then?” she asked.

Spade put down Santino and the twins went back to eating. They’re not fighting anymore but still wearing a frown on their faces.

Spade approached his wife and hugged her from behind, “You jealous of the twins?” he said with a mocking smirk.

“Insane.” she giggled. He hugged her tight, leaning his head on her shoulder. “I love you.”

She twisted in her position, facing him while his hands still on her back. “I love you, too. What’s wrong with you? You’re being extra affectionate.”

“Did you see your mail?” he asked. Agatha’s brows raised, “Oh, you mean the invitation?” she asked.

He nodded. “Yeah, I saw it. The invitation for the reunion of the graduates of our batch.” she stated.

Spade pulled her close to him, “Are you going?” he asked. She nodded, “Of course, I am.” Couldn’t hold himself back, he leaned to give a quick kiss on Agatha’s lips. “But I just came back and now you’re leaving?” he said.

She giggled at his husband’s words, “I’ll be back fast.” she assured him. He lowered his gaze down to her lips, “Promise?”

“I promise.” she answered. Right when she responded, Spade immediately put his lips to hers, this time not just a quick one, but a slow, passionate kiss.


The twins covered their eyes, disgusted by their parent’s public lust. “Mom! Dad! Do that in your room!” Chezza exclaimed.

“Or maybe after we have finished eating!” Santino added.

The coupled pulled away from each other, startled. A little while, they looked at each other and laughed. “I’ll send you to the academy.” Spade said.

“Behave here, I’ll be back after sending your mommy to school, okay?” he stated to the kids.

“Can we play?” the twins said in unison. Their daddy smiled, “Of course, just wait.”


‘I shouldn’t have come. I knew something felt wrong but I— I still came!’ she thought, mad at herself for ignoring what her guts told her.

She finally emerged after drowning in thoughts, when she noticed that the room was empty and she’s the only one inside. ‘Oh, they went outside.’

The door opened, revealing Mitch. “You wanna stay there, forever?” she said. Agatha smiled and approached her, Mitch lend a hand for her to jump down.

The wind made her hair hit her face. She squinted to see it clearly and saw fields, “Where did they take us? How the hell are we gonna get home?”

“Guys...” Keila muttered. They didn’t notice her at first but then they all turned when she raised her hand, “There’s a building!”


3:59 𝙿.𝙼.

Panting, they all stopped in front of the building that Keila saw. Hands on their knees, they rested for a bit. “It look like it was near if we were in a CAR, but going here by foot is exhausting!” Jocephine said.

Keila looked at her, “It was exhausting? But I—

“Nevermind, You were an athlete. You are used to this.”

Jayson, who just appeared, looked at the others. They turned to him and couldn’t quite comprehend his expression, “What’s wrong?” Lloki asked.

“It’s just weird, the other side of the building is full of... doors.” Jayson muttered, “Like, why would you put doors in there? For what stupid reason?”

Lloki, curious of what he meant, went to the side to see what he was talking about. His brows furrowed as he saw a lot of doors, “What the hell?” he mumbled. ‘who would even put that many doors? And why put a door close to each other side by side?’ he thought.

Ronjay laughed, “Whoever designed that is so stupid.” he said. He paused and looked at their faces, “I mean I know I’m also stupid—but still!”

Jayson went to Lloki’s side, “I would like to see that inside, imagine seeing many doors in front of you but they all lead outside hahaha.”

Lloki just stared at it and thought how weird it is to put four doors on the side in each floor. If any door you open inside leads outside like that, why would they put it there without stairs or even ladders? ‘It’s like a door where you fall to your death. How sketchy.’ he put both of his hands to the pocket of his jacket and gave one last stare to the doors with a squint.

Ria, still bothered by the building, gaze at the entirety of the place, such a large building at an empty lands is suspicious. ‘Is it really abandoned?’

She scratched her nape, ‘If someone really is in there, or even lives in there, why would they choose such a location? No market, No neighbors, literally nothing.’ she clicked her tongue, ‘What a weirdo.’

“Did you check?” Keila asked.

Ria glanced over to Keila and saw Jayjay who have just ran, “The main door is locked. Damn, this is so big that you have to run to get to the middle.”

“How about the other front door at the right?”

“That door is blocked, there’s a wood nailed to it.” Jayjay responded.

Klair noticed something and went to the door in front of them. While they were busy talking, she noticed the door slightly open and put her fingers on it to push. The door opened, revealing a room if darkness.

“It’s open!”

They turned her and saw that the door really was opened, “Is there someone inside? We should go get permission.”

They peeked through the door but it was dark, the sky wasn’t that bright anymore as it was already past 4.


Klair’s voiced echoed through the dark. Getting no response except her own voice circling around the room, she looked back at Keila. “There seems to be no one here.”

“Is that an eye at the top of the building? Bitch, that’s creepy as hell.” Arneau muttered while looking up.

“That’s just an eye-shaped window, the reason why it really looks like an eye is because there is someone in there, looking dow—wait, there’s someone there!” Jayson mumbled.

They all ran to their side and looked up, but there was no one. “I swear, I was telling the truth.” he insisted.

“We should just go inside even without permission, then if we meet someone, we’ll tell them our reason.” CC stated.

They were all about to go inside when they noticed Lloki and Ria hesitating, “What’s wrong?”

‘What’s wrong? Everything!’ Lloki thought. “Maybe we should stay in the room ’til morning. Let’s get away from here.” Ria said.

The boys grunted in complaint, “Then what? We wait until someone help us? This place is like desert! No one comes here!” Luis exclaimed.

“We can walk tomorrow until we see a car.” Ria added.

“They were all panting like they are going to die when we get here, do you think they can walk it out here tomorrow?” Luis said.

Ria looked at the others, it’s obvious by seeing their expression that they don’t want to go inside but also don’t want to go back to the room. They were left with no choice but to stay at a building for a night.

Ria sighed amd tapped Lloki on the shoulder, signaling to give up. “We have no choice, it’s not like they will listen.”

Lloki crossed his arm and let out a deep breath, “Fine.”

They finally agreed, Ria turned to all of them, “Everyone...” she cut off then faced the door,

“𝐋𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐠𝐨 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞.”

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