Feriton's Institute for Cruelty

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Mary (Number 514) is a head spy in a network of orphan spies attempting to record evidence of cruelty at Feriton's Institute for Schooling, a secluded orphanage with its own dark secrets and torture punishments.

Thriller / Romance
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Hello, my name is Mary. My hair is fiery orange just like my temper and I have green eyes with fire around the rim. Did you know that only 2% of the population have green eyes?!

Anyway. I'm an orphan. I live in Feriton's Institute for Schooling. Sounds grand doesn't it? Well sorry to burst your bubble it's not.. We call it Feriton's Institute for Cruelty. That sounds more truthful. Of course people in the outside world don't know what happens here. You probably live in the outside world and have all the freedom you want and you might not believe me. I sure wouldn't if I were you. You probably won't believe that child cruelty exists in this day and age. But of course our institute is almost never open for visitors so that noeone finds out. Safety checks are thoroughly prepared for. We are all threatened never to tell of the events that take place here. Threatened with death... I am not overexaggerating. Every day our network of orphan spies risks lives, our lives to maybe save the future. But if anyone finds out the punishment will truly be severe.

Now you may think this is complete nonsense so I advise you to close this book if you are thin skinned or want to have a laugh.

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