Feriton's Institute for Cruelty

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Chapter 1

But anyway let's get back to me I am 16 years old. One of the oldest in our Institute. It is quite small. We are all numbered here, no actual names are used for example: I am number 514. I like this number, it is easy to remember 5=1+4. I'm also a punishment keeper. No not for the school. I work for the underground network of collecting files to maybe one day use against the institute in a court appeal. It is a close code network organised by those who seek justice. I have 3 close friends: Annie (502), Matt (516) and Jack (520). We are in 6th Grade( the highest). We are the main, as you can say, spiders. We work day and night writing files and records. The rest of the 6th grade network are used to get information for us. The grades beneath us are underlying networks. But of course not everyone is trustworthy. For example we have quite a few girls and boys who try to act as spies against our network to teachers. Others, mostly boys, can't be bothered, so have the only fun they can have, by making our lives difficult. These are the three types of kids at our Institute.

So how does our spy think work? Well firstly we have to use code phrases to tell each other what happens. So let's take an example. If Matt comes over to me he can say "The sky is blue" (noeone has been punished yet).

I will then respond with "And the sun is shining,"(I have heard if no punishments either.)

However if Matt says "the sky is grey" (someone has been punished)

I can respond with either "But the sun is shining" or "And the sun is covered with clouds "(latter means I have also heard of a punishment).

So this is how it works. The younger ones only need to say a password and can pour out their story. They don't really know the complexes of our system but it gives them a chance to complain and cry and have someone listening and understanding. The password this year is "Bricks are red" (It has to change every year for safety reasons).

Being one of the oldest here gives me an advantage of knowing all the secret passageways and hiding places for humans and documents. Like the ventilator in the laundry room. It doesn't work but it is a brilliant hiding place and is big enough to sit comfortably and write records in private. Only the four of us know this one. Walls with lose bricks are mostly where we keep records as they are less suspected.

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