Cobalt's story

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This is the Story of a Young foal, whom you stay with and learn around through the chapters of his life.. In the end We all love to watch him with his family one last time, before he is put down for heart failure.

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Cobalt I am a Liver Chestnut Friesian horse, this was my story. I looked somewhat like this, but I’m a real horse.

My story begins when I was born, I’m not a full bred as my sire was a Liver chestnut Thoroughbred. My dam is a Friesian though so I looked like her a lot. ( sire= father, Dam= mother)

I awoke in a stall with my mother hovering over me. There were humans looking over the stall door. I attempted to stand but immediately fell back down. Being that I was only about 30 minutes old, I was still weak. After about 2-3 hours I was able to stand and drink milk from my mother. My mother was a famous Dressage horse, a world champion. My sire was a famous show jumper but he was also well known in the western world. So I started a routine, wake, eat, try to look over the stall door, then sleep again.

After about 3-4 months of my life my mother was on halter and led out of the stall. Without hesitation I followed her, we walked on the hard ground then came outside to a soft moist feeling under my hooves. The humans unclipped my mother’s lead rope and she was off like a bullet. I ran around with her as it felt nice to stretch my legs. This was added to my routine, wake watch mother eat, drink my milk, go into pasture, come back in and go to sleep. I repeated this routine everyday but soon it was getting cold outside so the humans put blankets on us, I stayed nice and toasty with the blanket on.

Now I’m almost a year old, so it was time the humans wean me from my mother. It was very scary at first, they put a small halter on me and led me away from my mother. She called and called for me as I was taken. They put me in a pasture with some other foals, who ranged from the ages of 1 year to 3 years old. I learned later on that this is where untrained foals and horses go. After some time, I got used to it and learned to enjoy my life in the pasture. We only came inside when it was too cold, even with a blanket on. So I enjoyed my life outside and soon I had pushed my mother’s picture to the back of my mind. I still remembered her but sadly I didn’t know where she was. Soon I was Put in a halter and led to a horse box. I hesitated to get on but eventually I got inside with another filly. She looked at me and said, `` Hi! My name is Moon!``. I snort and reply, `` I’m um, I’m Cobalt.`` We shuffled around at the ramp and we started to move. Though soon I got used to it and fell asleep.

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