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Running to nowhere

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Chapter 2

A blue Buick flew by a gas station just as if a flash of lightning would appear and disappear. Two girls were sitting in the convertible, laughing and listening to loud music. Emma had blonde hair; it was very long as to Elizabeth who had very short black hair. The girls were best friends since Elizabeth’s mother had adopted Emma when she was four. Her mother had suffered a car accident which led to her not being able to bear children anymore. Elizabeth never said her sister was adopted; it was like she had been in the family forever and everyone accepted and loved her as family.
“Can you check the map, please? I’m starting to get hungry.” Elizabeth said.
“Same for me.” Emma said looking in the map. “There’s a diner about four minutes away. The Flaming Eggs... I guess they have hot food.”
“Sounds great.”
They arrived at the Flaming Eggs, ate and an hour later they were on the road again. They drove for an hour until they stopped at a 24/7 to get something to drink.

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