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Running to nowhere

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Chapter 3

I woke up from the bathroom floor; my neck was hurting from the way I had slept and my head hurt because of my neck. I had to admit the floor wasn’t very comfortable but it beat going back to an empty home filled with empty promises and hurtful words. I opened my bag and put on a clean outfit, I still didn’t want to look like a hobo even if what I had done was a close definition of it. I had brought my shaving cream, the essentials. I shaved, brushed my hair put a little gel and went outside. I never needed a watch to show me the time, I could always feel the time since I was a kid, something like a six sense, you could call it. I saw across the street a 24/7 and walked over to it. I needed something to cure my neck, it felt like it was going to fall off if I moved a curtain way. There was only one car in front of the place, maybe the person was driving where I was heading too, maybe they would give me a lift. He walked inside and asked the man at the counter where the Aspirin was and went to get it.

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