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Part 2

“Hello? Is there someone there?” Julia screams after hearing noises.

“Julia!” Kenneth screams out.


“Julia!” Brad screams.

“Brad! Where are we?”

“Julia where here too!” Marie says.

“Oh my god Marie, I’m so glad you’re all here.” Julia answers.

“Where’s Chelsea?” Drake asks the others.

“Chelsea talk! We can’t see you.” Marie tells Chelsea.

“She maybe hit her head when she fell down the hole, maybe she’s hurt… why is it so hot in here?” Annabelle says with a worried voice.

They wait but she doesn’t answer.

“Can somebody tell me why Chelsea was here in the first place?” Julia asks irritated.

“She took the boat, we kept the boat over here but somehow it went back, we thought Kenneth and Annabelle had left and went back.” Drake explains to her.

“But how did the boat go back if we’re all here…”

The lights go on and Julia and Annabelle let out a scream. They are all hanging in cages in a room full of clowns.

“Get us out of here!” Annabelle screams pulling on the door of her cage.

“Look at that one it looks like grandma!” Brad says trying to make Drake laugh.

“Where the hell are we?” Julia yells.

“Oh my gosh, Annabelle don’t look under you!” Marie tells her.

They all look and Annabelle starts to scream. A large cauldron boiling underneath her feet, they all looked around and noticed that all of them had something around them that could hurt or even kill them. They all knew that this wasn’t a game anymore. A door opens up and Chelsea comes out.

“Get us out of here!” Brad demands.

“I’m sorry honey, but I can’t do that. Now Julia, how do you feel today?”

“Like smashing your f*king face! Get us out of here you creep!” Kenneth screams back.

“Fine then. Let’s start with what you guys found out. What about you Annabelle, what do you have from the clues?”

“I have this.” Annabelle says pulling out the lock of hair and showing her the doll.

“That’s nice, I’ve been looking for that everywhere. My favourite doll when I was a kid, how nice of you. So you have two. Next one, Kenneth what do you have?”

“I have a stupid box and a letter that I didn’t even get time to read cuz you crazy b*tch closed the lights!”

“Open the box and read the letter.”

“Why don’t you!” Kenneth says throwing the two clues out of the cage and onto the ground.

“So you have zero. I guess you’re the first one to leave us. Goodbye Kenneth.”

“F*ck you!”

Chelsea pulls out a remote and presses number two. Six knifes lunge from the wall into Kenneth’s cage and into his back. He coughs out blood, looks at the ground and stops moving. Everyone starts screaming.

“Your turn Julia, what did you get?”

“You killed him! What is wrong with you?” Julia screams at her.

“Your clues Julia! Or you want to join him?”

“I… I have your damn ring and a pair of earrings! You happy?”

“And you honey what did you get?” She asks looking at Brad not paying attention to Julia.

“I got a necklace.” He says trying to fight back the tears of losing his best friend.

“Fantastic! I knew you would have the thing I love the most that’ll count for two.” She says smiling at him. “Now you two love birds. What did you get?”

“I got a cassette, a t-shirt and a candy.” Marie says.

“And I got a slipper, a candle and chopsticks.” Drake answers.

“All things that mean something special, how sweet. So Julia since you’re the one everyone wants to be around. Who will you save?”


“Who will you save between your love Brad or your new friend Annabelle?”

“What do you mean?”

“Choose. Or I’ll choose for you!”

“I can’t choose! You’re crazy!”

“Alright then, Goodbye Anna.” Chelsea says pushing on the number one on her remote.

The whole cage falls into the boiling water, at least they thought it was water. She screams at the top of her lungs as she boils. A few seconds later her skin starts to fall off into the pot. She screams and cries as she disappears into the boil. Julia is crying loudly when Chelsea hits her cage.

“Shut up. It wasn’t like you were ganna choose Brad to go down in flames now were you? Who’s next? Oh yeah, Drake or Marie?”

“Oh my god. I can’t do that. They’re my best friends!”

“You want me to choose? Alright goodbye…”

“NO! wait… oh my god… I’m so sorry… don’t kill Marie. Please don’t. I’m sorry Drake. I’m so sorry.”

“NO! Don’t kill him! Drake!” Brad screams.

“Alright nobody wants either of them to die, I’ll be nice. Goodbye.” Chelsea says pressing two numbers.

The two cages start to move closer to each other until they hit. They hold their hands and say I love you before a bucket of acid drops fell on them. It started to shower and their skin started to melt away and fall out of their cages onto the ground. Julia and Brad were screaming to make it stop but nothing happened until it was over and nothing was left of them.

“Now let’s bring out the person you’ll have to choose between him and Brad.” Chelsea says walking to a door and pulling someone with a scary clown mask in the middle of the room. The persons hands were tied in the back of his back and his feet were tied too.

“Who is it?” Brad asks.

Chelsea pulls off the mask and reveilles Patrick’s face.

“Our geography teacher?” Brad says.

“Yes. He and your girlfriend had a thing you know?”

“What are you talking about? Julia tell her she’s wrong!”

“I.. I don’t know what to say.”

“In fact they still meet, you knew that too?”

“Julia! Is that true?”

“I’m sorry Brad…”

“So, who will you choose, Brad or Patrick?”

“I can’t choose between them! You know that!”

“Julia I love you. Choose me!”

“Brad it’s not that easy!”

“Why not?”

“I’m… I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my god! With he’s kid?”

“I didn’t know about that little Julia. That’s something new. Now I feel as if I can’t kill you. It wouldn’t be fair for the baby, she didn’t do anything, you did. So now I guess I’ll…” Chelsea said as Patrick hit her over the head with a large wooden clown. She fell to the ground and stayed there. He put his hand in her pocket and pressed on a number. Brad’s cage started to move to where his brother’s corpse was.

“Shit!” He said running to try to open Brad’s cage. He pulled on the door and went back to see if Chelsea had the key’s but didn’t find anything. Julia threw him a pin; he put it in the lock and tried to pick it. The acid started to fall and Brad screamed. Patrick pushed harder on it and tried to budge. He finally got the lock open but it was too late for Brad. His legs were gone and half of his stomach too. His body fell to the floor and didn’t more.

Julia screamed to Patrick for him to get her out of the cage. He put the pin in moved it a little and opened the lock. They pulled Chelsea up, took the remote and put her in Julia’s cage. They locked the door and Chelsea woke up. She looked at them and screamed. Julia pressed all the numbers to be sure she didn’t press one wrong. Chelsea’s cage started to get smaller. She had almost no room left when her bones started to break. She screamed in agony as Julia and Patrick left from the door she came in from. It was outside. They were free at last. Patrick tried and then locked the door from the outside so that nobody would go inside ever again. They went to the boat; Patrick started rowing as Julia sat back and cried thinking about her friends. She thought about the diamond ring that she had found and started to notice that she knew all of the clues too well. She started from the first clues that were said. The lock of blonde hair, that wasn’t Chelsea’s hair, it was her hair. The doll Annabelle had shown looked like an old doll she had when she was small that she had just thrown away. The red letter that Kenneth had thrown on the ground was the same color as the letter she had wrote to Patrick after their first date. The box for the necklace, earrings and ring where a gift she had gotten from Patrick on their first date. The cassette and the t-shirt made her think of the first time she met Patrick, she was wearing a white t-shirt and listening to her cassette on a small radio and she was eating the candy that Marie had shown. And the slipper, the candle and the chopsticks were their first date on the beach. This couldn’t be happening. She knew he loved her but was he obsessed? She looked at his rowing; he looked so peaceful for a person that had just been kidnaped and tied up to kill. Was he working with Chelsea and got fed up and tossed her off the boat? Maybe he was the one that had planned all of this. But it couldn’t be, she knew him he wasn’t like that. But everything pointed to him. Everything. She knew she couldn’t leave him now. She was going to his baby. Maybe she was going crazy? All she knew is that she wasn’t going to party anytime soon.

The End.

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